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WYD GLOBAL Launches Community ScoutSystem!


WYD Global Launches Community Scout System.






To have a united community, the WYD Global community managers decided to search and decided to hire players to become a scout that will act as a representative or a middle man especially for the players from non-English speaking countries.



They will become the assistants of the community managers and they will handle some task su

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Hallow-WYD! In-Game Events and Contest for Halloween!

So this is the content of our box this Halloween!

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Cat Fights!

Hello Guys and Dolls looks who’s back on track. First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of blog updates in the past few weeks for the reason that I’ve been busy on informing online communities about the latest updates and development of you know what.

Talking about "Guys and Dolls".

Many of the WYDian's are wondering why i greeted them with "Hello Guys and Dolls" and not just the Usual Hello or Hi? Well its kind of boring if i just say the usual so i have to think of a different way.

Anyway just to clarify something for those poor souls who who misunderstood the text that i encode. I do refer girls as dolls in my greeting context but it doesn't mean that i treat them like one.

My greeting came from a musical as well as a movie.


Talking about other Community Manager's.

Officially i am the only Community Manager that you can find in game. I know that we used to have 4 CM's who handles the community. So where are the other CM's? The answer will be Its either they resigned or got transffered to "Another Job that is much SUITABLE for them."

Since the Halloween is a few sleeps to go our team decided to release a new costume to be

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HALLO-WYD! Whats in our Box? this Halloween?

Come in for a spell. WYDians. Halloween is coming soon. The popular MMORPG WYD Global also get ready for the month-long event introducing new events, items and monsters. That will chill the spine of your gaming experience. Wydians Grab your brooms since we will be having a FANG-tastic Halloween gaming experience this upcoming Tuesday after maintenance! WYD Global players can expect season themed events and as well as in-game updates.



Water Scroll (Normal)

• Monsters in the Underworld Map of the Khersup Continent can now possibly drop Water Scroll (Normal).

New Costumes Available

Cat Man Set (30 days) Cat Woman Set (30 days)




Test of Faith II •


Mirror… Mirror… on the wall who’s the strongest of them all? Do you have the guts to face up your inner shadows? This competition will allow you to fight to an exact clone of your character so it’s time to know “more” about yourself!

Trick or Treat •

People often said “What’s inside your Box?” During this Halloween season monsters around the Khershup continent will drop a treasure box. The content of the box might be a trick

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