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btw this guide isnt really meant to help begginers its just for teaching people how to use some heroes or give them some tips on good ways to use them

the only tips and tricks that im gonna have is for all the heroes i permed or im gonna perm so i have tips for 10 diff heroes (i have 5 now)


tips: dont attack head on try to  dodge most attacks because the assassin was made for stealth and speed

on power stone mode  use stealth to sneek over to there stone when they are not at it. Trust me, it works


2.INFANTRY MAN infantry man is REALLY useful in sd and does alot of damage also he great for crown control because you can set alot of barricades ontop of each other then make the guy with the crown go onto the barricades and he willl be safe for a while

heres a pic of what a tower of barricades looks like


3. ICE MAGE  ice mage is great for the refinery map because you can freeze them nad they will continue to move along the conveyor belts while they frozenalso the armor skill is one of the most useful skills in the game

pic of me frozen on head


4. KAGE NINJA  made for speed , fast combos, great for spamming and is almost impossible to run away from

worst part of the kage ninja  is that i doesent have much attack

here is my pimped out kage ninja


5. TAEKWON MASTER  great for combos and edging, and the helm skill(witch is very useful) can stop you from getting edged:D but if youy use it at th wrong time you can help your enemy continue his combo...


6. GRIM REAPER: great for 1v1s and edging but is kinda hard to use because the four hit air attack fails sometimes

but once you know how to use it, you cant be beat (at 1v1s)

pick of the air attack( btw sorry i cant make a video, my windows media player is messed)




the grand templar is without question THE strongest and has THE best edging distance

but he is reeaally slow and cant jump at all BUT to cure that add bunny ears to your templar:D

and if you upgrade your templars strenght alot  your enemies will hate you

pic of the full distance of templar blow back(where i hit him from)




(where he landed)



8.LIGHTNING MAGE the best character in the game when it comes to combos some people say that it is in needing of a nerf but i dont think so

anyway with all your skills at the max you can easily get a combo of 8 or over


9. SMILE JOKER : he can easily edge you with the balloons skill and he can spam ground hit you making your enemies ragequit:D

pic of smile jokers 100 ton hammer:



and finaly 10. ROBIN HOOD: without timing you cant really do much with this hero incept for run away from other ppl and range them

but with timing you can easily combo them and even spam shoot them with arrows

great for running because of his armor skill lets him do a giant double jump

aand thats the end for this guide

if your going to comment plz dont rage on how bad it is ok?


lost saga  

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