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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:March 24,1988
  • Location: USA
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3D Asian-Type
Favourite Game Class: Range
Like most in games: Kill BOSS to get rare items


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hmmmm i see failures by the dozen

hey guess what i been lookin at quite a few post on games and i happend to notice these extream loser W.O.W fans being losers every game they see they say wow clone guess its a lil attention game since wow gets no play like a fat guy on a date  with a hot chick>but i have playd  wow for a few and i have beta tested a lot of games and playd them and ummm... wow does suck to be honest i thought it was gonna be great but it flopd same goes for runes of magic +++flop  sry u dont like my post wow fan gtfo my page its trash its poop i have playd it/ my brother still does and hes a failure wow will fail ppl have mastered it ,life will run out soon//then they will prolly make it free to get more attention or suck the rest of the life out of it lol-chyea , as i said u dont like my post up urs punk btch ^  ^ w.o.w is garbage

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