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Dawn Island, the arrival.

I lost my wings.

We were all shocked. We looked at each other and ourselves.

We were finally in our original forms. Not a Daeva anymore.

I was truly happy to transform back into what I was born as, a Castanic. I smiled to see everyone else in their original forms again. The Aman, Castanic, Elin, Popori, Baraka, High Elf and Human.

We ventured out far and wide, bumping into a camp area. We were not afraid, yet we would like to approach with caution.

The Baraka, who seemed like the captain of their group smiled and said, "Welcome to the federation! Please, take a seat friends".

We were all shocked to be greeted with open arms by strangers. They announced that they will be flying over to an area called "The Isle of Dawn". We agreed to follow them and explore the area together.

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A new light

I was woken up by a muffling voice and I could not catch what the person was saying. I noticed his scent as I rubbed my eyes to see the world clearly. I smiled to see my fiancée's face and it was time for us to depart.

I slid my hand through the tent to let the sun hit the surface of my skin and it seemed like a great day to start off in a new era. I packed my bags and rounded up the guild. "It's time to leave brothers and sisters!". I crouched down to my beloved Shugo pet, kissed him on the forehead goodbye. My eyes went into tears, I will miss you my love.

I will miss you Atreia, but it is time for me to move on to a better place.

I gathered up my guild and we spread our wings. We flew past Beluslan, with the Asmodian's looking up in the sky, wondering why our armada was

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Hestia {Character Biography}


She is a rebel, a mystery and fights for her life. At the end of the road, she must make a hard choice. Even if it costs her life or theirs.


The Basics
Name: Hestia
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship status: Tied in faith together, with Blackmetalandrew. An unexpected couple, with incredible differences during the beginning of their relationship. Day by day, these two different people are becoming "one".

Hestia (right) and Blackmetalandrew (left).

Title: Vengeful.
Race: Castanic.
Class: Warrior.
Occupation: Leatherworker and Guild Leader.
Guild: Titernia.

Family Lineage & Personality: Rumored to be banished from the gods, a fallen Angel.Ironically, she was born wit the appearance of a Castanic, "the devil". She has the blood of the dragons and a cunning pers...
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