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Granado Espada
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League of Legends
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Play Granado Espada Live on Steam!

Play the acclaimed RPG Masterpiece of all time Granado Espada. Collect all characters and engage yourself for more than 500+ rewarding quest. Immerse into its unique story of expedition, colonization and political feud.

Play now :  http://store.steampowered.com/app/319730/

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Granado Espada : Tips for Newbie

Beginners Guide for Granado Espada

Granado Espada is known for its unique MMORPG features such as the ability to control 3 characters simultaneously or what we call Multi-character control (MCC).   The game offers more than 70 different characters to be recruited- each with his/her unique abilities in sword, gun-fights, magic, or support –for you to play!

Let’s recall the background story

The story begins in the country of Oporuto in an old world named Orpesia.  The country encounters an economic issue and was starving. Their trade with resource-rich Katai had been cut off by the armies of Targa, Illier, and Vespanola to the East, and to the West they were blocked by the dreadful Dark Sea.

The great Oporutan explorer,” Ferrucio Espada” discovered a new world in search of a

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Opening of SEASON II in Empire Rising

Empire Rising Season II

Empire Rising just recently been in top 5 in the Best Browser Game 2011 in BBgsite.  The game has been awarded in the following categories:

3rd Place in Best Graphic

4th Place in Best New Game

4th Place in Best 2D Game

5th Place inBest Strategy Game

Ndoors first strategy war game has just been sucessfully released  four(4) months ago and the game shows it's competitiveness with other popular browser games that are running in the industry for years.

And now the company annnounced their SEASON II and reveal their objective their main objective

“The core objective for this New wave of Empire Rising Gaming Experience is based on the following factors.

1.    To let our conquerors build an extraordinary friendships and community among conquerors.

2.    To allow our players

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Empire Rising: A Couple of Suggestions on getting a Resources

 First, this mini-guide will focus on how to get the resources and the preservation of the rights and powers and military use and manage all resources and elements. Note that this requires patience, as part of the correction requires more resources and time. Hope this helps you guys since I was a rookie in the game browser.

At the beginning of the game, missions will provide the basis for establishing and maintaining their own empire. I started building the house, quarries, mines, timber and agricultural camp, followed by storage resources (wells of stone, iron foundry, sawmill and attic). Be sure to maximize the number of workers and different resources affect production and the construction and modernization of buildings. Once storage resources and are stable, then you can start the construction of other facilities and raise an army.

I started to give priority to the modernization of the Cottage to recruit more staff. So I continued to improve resource providers and workers to in

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