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Want to Know how to Level-Up Your WoW Characters as Fast as Possible?

If you are a new or inexperienced World of Warcraft player then you are probably struggling to level-up your characters quickly. Even experienced players do not know all there is to know about getting to the highest level as soon as possible. I am sure there are things I still have yet to discover. However, I know most what there is to know about getting to the top level very quickly, and how to then make sure my other characters can get there as well; with plenty of gold to assist them :-)

To pass on the information I have learned I have created an ebook called New to World of Warcraft.  So if you are interested in ranking up your WoW characters faster come and have a look.

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Got my World of Warcraft Trinket for Health Boost and Resilience

Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Emblem of Tenacity to be precise, leaving me with only the neck and the two finger items to obtain for my full Cata gear.  It was hard work getting the few points I needed for the trinket.  I had to run a number of Battlegrounds and, as you will know from my blog, this was easier said than done.  Well certainly on the server I am on it is I then did a few Arena’s with a healer.  He was OK, but he had mainly Ruthless gear and wasn’t able to keep the heals up on me consistently, which, as you know, is vital to a Frost DK‘s performance in the WoW Arena.

The author has been playing this game, and other PC games, on and off over a number of years and is able to pass on his wealth of experience and know how. He is a website developer and experienced article writer and his latest project is New to World of Warcraft, http://new2worldofwarcraft.com, which is a guide for the new player. It is probably the best free beginners guide available.


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WoW Arena Partners Please Help Frost Death Knights

Unless you have been playing PvP in World of Warcraft for more years than you care to think about, it is very unlikely that you know everything there is to know about all the classes.  I’ll put my hands up now and say I don’t, and from my experiences in the Arena I can say, without fear of contradiction, that very few know about Death Knights and the differences between the talent trees.  For example I played with a healer the other day and for some reason he believed I should have survived a bout with a Warrior without his heals.

The problem was he thought all DKs have the survivability of Blood.  No they don’t, and the Frost Knight’s spec is probably the weakest of the three trees.  It’s why I advertised for a healer.  Frost does a great deal of damage, but, for a melee class, its damage absorption is ridiculously low and needs to be addressed by Blizzard.  And before someone pipes up and says yes but then its damage ability needs to be compensato

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I am Getting Very Disillushioned with My WoW Death Knight

It seems DKs of whatever talent tree are not in huge demand.  I keep advertising my availability for the Arena but I rarely get a good partner responding.  In fact I rarely get any responses and when I do they are from classes that are of not much assistance to a Death Knight, or from players who just haven’t got the gear.  There’s no point in going into the Arena with poor gear and under 3,500 in resilience.  You will be scanned and targeted immediately and dead in seconds.

I can understand the reluctance to partner a Blood DK, because they are so easy to avoid and immobilise with stuns etc… but my Frost DK can, with good partners, do a lot of damage.  For example my Frost DK helped kill a Blood DK in seconds in the Warsong Gulch battleground.  The Blood had support but I simply nuked, used strangulate, a couple of Necrotic Strikes, followed by a Frost Strike and maybe then a Heart Strike and he was dead.  It was over very quickly and I took minima

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