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Allods Online Subscription Server needs more population


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It recently came to me an Allods Online player, asking me to promote or have interest on the subscription server. I'm not playing Allods anymore but it made me curious... what's going on?

One year ago (around Oct 2013), Allods Online launched a Subscription Server called Smuggler's Paradise. The main idea was great, having a Pay-to-Play server to remove all Pay-to-Win aspects which many players hate, and avoid an unbalance gameplay. Right now you have the choice:

    Pay a subscription and have a fair game; all gamers will have the same opportunities. Play on the free server and face the typical aspects of an item mall full of pay-to-win sales.

At the end, it's up to you!

As a concept, it should be a success, but today, after having a look at the forums, it's

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