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The fanbase behind Ultima 4 has a bit of an interesting backstory. Back in 1997, Electronic Arts gave one fan group, the Ultima Dragons, the go ahead to distribute the classic game as a download for free. As a result, numerous fan projects surrounding the game surfaced, and many other sites have put the original game up for distribution as well, allowing the fanbase to grow more and more.

Fast forward to fourteen years later. In a move that has baffled many, and royally pissed off more, EA has finally decided to put their multi-million dollar foot down on these projects and the majority of sites that were hosting the original game. They’ve sent out DCMA notifications to these sites, requesting that their content be taken down for legal purposes. The only sites unaffected by this sudden movement (at least, as of this writing) are the ones that originally had obtained the legal rights to distribute the game.

Obviously this brings up a whole bunch of questions regarding EA’s behavior, a number of which have been attempted to be cleared up by a post on the fan site Ultima Aiera. However, it still baffles the mind why they would wait until now to do such a thing, and on such a large scale.

Honestly, we may never know the real purpose behind this move unless EA gives us an official response, if they ever decide to give one. I will say this though: copyright law is a bitch and a half.

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