TERA - Possible Vaporware and lawsuit...

By: Pelagato posted at Feb 06, 2012 2:50 pm

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Hey peeps, some of you already know that TERA had a lackluster reception in Korea, failing to meet the expectation and failing to beat Aion lol... Right now the game is struggling to come afloat in Korea... One of the main excuses is because the game is way too westernized for the Korean taste.

Unfortunately there is a chance that TERA will never make it to the West... Why??? Well, some time ago a bunch of NCSoft employees quit their jobs in NCSoft because Bluehole studios offered them a better job... I mean... Oh rly??? or there is something else behind that???

It looks like NCsoft just filed a lawsuit in January because this employees stole from NCSoft a bunch of artwork, software and a few other things related to the development of Lineage 3... If NCSoft wins this lawsuit, TERA is so screw!!!! Not only because they will need to pay a lot of money for what this employees did but at the same time the game can be shut down because it was made with stolen copyright content lol....

But dont go around crying because TERA is lost ok... So far this is the second time that NCSoft is going against TERA because the first time they tried to sue Bluehole their case was overturned... Who knows if the court forgets about this and send NCSoft packing...

Regardless... The fate of TERA is on the balance, even if Bluehole wins the lawsuit, all the legal expenses can kill the company because right now the company is not doing well and all this bad press!!! I dont want to invest time in a game that can be closed down later on in a friggin lawsuit lol...

Keep your fingers cross if you want to see TERA in the west, or cross them if you want to see the game dead before taking off from the ground lol!

Personally I usually stand to what is right when I see this kind of serious issues... If all of this is true, then TERA should be closed because they made a game with stolen content that doesn't belong to them... Imagine yourself working hard and then someone else takes your idea and gets all the fame, money and everything else...? It feels bad as hell right???

ps: I will try to keep in touch with this topic ok...

Dear Fanbois... Tera is not going to make it to the US... get over it!!!!

The NCSoft ex-employees are in jail or had to serve jail time... The civil lawsuit in Korea still there and an Injunction is going to be put in place soon!!! lulz

And... YES!!! I will delete fanboi comments... I am not even going o read them at all...

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