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Hey peeps, it looks like the modern art museum in New York is interested in some EVE artwork and footage made by the players, apparently there is a modern art convention and CCP wants the players to be the authors of the EVE content that is going to be showed up there.

All the information is in this developer blog entry... http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=74037 ... but if reading all that stuff is not your thing, let me short it out for you...

What you need to do is...

1. Record a high quality video about eve...

2. Post it on youtube...

3. Then link it to CCP Archivist

If your video is good enough, there is a chance that they will show it up in that artwork convention in that museum in New York... Too bad that CCP cant give us any warranty that we are going to be able to see our videos if they made it into the convention lol!...

The only issue is that all videos need to be submitted before December 9th... So we only have around 36 hours before they leave and go to NY...

ps: 30 minutes of mining is not so interesting so... Dont record hours and hours of endless mining lol!

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