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Mobile Reviews - Runbot

Hey peeps, Runbot is a game about running and dodging obstacles on rooftops, you are some sort of robot made for the only purpose of running. One day something goes wrong and you escape, of course, you get away by running.

The thing is that as a bot you need tons and tons of energy, but for some random reason, there are plenty of batteries scattered all across the rooftops. Who knows if one day, instead of getting water out of the rain, we just get AA batteries.

The game in general is kind of good and enjoyable but it’s definitely very repetitive and somewhat grindy.


I have to give this game a big Kudos when it comes to graphics, everything on the screen looks awesome, even if you are just looking at a bunch of low poly models. The developers of this game really know how to make good

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Mobile Reviews - Wake the Cat

Wake the Cat is the kind of puzzle game that is addictive and fun, finishing a level progresses the game into the next one, the thing is that for some reason I cant stop playing it, I just keep going because I am really looking forward into seen what is going to be next, what kind of challenges are ahead. Is a very nice game and if you are willing to get it... Then get ready for a nice experience.


The game uses the Android 3D system to render all its graphics, amazingly it does it really well, things look nice and now exactly like a massive eye-pain of low poly models, on top of that, the performance keeps its pace at a good fps speed, which is a real achievement in mobile games, considering their limited power.

I really like the visual of the game, they are like half real and half c

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Mobile Reviews - Tricks and Guides...?


Hey peeps, today I wont be reviewing any game whatsoever, instead I will talk about a bit more different that in the end, it does have something to do with mobile ga... ok... I have to point out that someone around here made a very interesting suggestion. Besides talking about the X mobile game as a whole and review it, I should write down a little more about the tricks and hints for any given mobile game. I do believe that is a good idea in general but at the same time I have to admit that some games are way too simple and shallow, there is no way I can write down a guide for a game that you only do one thing like a mindless zombie.

Take for example Angry Birds and Flappy Bird... I can talk for hours without ending about Angry Birds and all the tricks and hints for each level. On the other

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Mobile Reviews - Creaky Bird

Hey peeps, here I am, reviewing another mobile game, one that resembles Flappy Bird. I am reviewing this one because some people keep asking for more stuff about Flappy Bird. I am not sure if they really want to know more about the game but sometimes I am under the impression that they simply want me to play Flappy Bird... Because.... Ya, we all know the story behind that game.

Anyway, lets get to the point. Creaky Bird is another spin-off of Flappy Bird. The basic thing to do is the same as before, you tap your screen to go up and let it go to go down. No big deal... Right? Is this game worth having or not? We see more about that later on.


I have to be honest, the graphics of Creaky Bird are cool, they look good on my screen and the quality of the textures are sharp enough to get ri

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