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Deep Rock Galactic Quick Review

Deep Rock Galactic is $24.99 on Steam.  Highly recommended for explorers and with a group of friends.  Can be lots of fun with strangers, but I would not recommend Deep Rock Galactic right now for solo play only.
Exploration in Deep Rock Galactic is varied to keep things fresh (There are enough semi-randomized locations to not
feel repetitive early on)

Four class options forces teamwork and does it well (Some abilities are incredibly helpful and satisfying to use,
like the platform gun or the Zipline gun that changes the map and how you travel through it)

Alien swarms are chaotic and fun to constantly fight against (different locations provide different strategies to fight the
enemies.  Mobs climb all over, including the ceiling)

Destructable environment gives you strategic options (You can mine a tunnel in a straight line to the escape pod instead of running
through winding tunnels)

Reasonable amounts of ammo capacity forces teamwork (You need minerals to call a supply dro...
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Organizing Your UI in EVE Online

Let's face it, the UI in EVE Online is very lacking and can seem confusing or frustrating at times.  Let me help by showing you a better layout and explaining what each menu does and how it all functions.

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An Introduction Into Black Desert's Kamasylvia Region

With the release of Kamasylvia part one for the NA/EU regions, we can finally explore the wonderful world of the elves.  This video will introduce to you the basics for surviving this very hostile place known as Kamasylvia.

Screenshots for the Kamasylvia land are provided in the description of the video!

Stay updated on guides and general Black Desert Online content here: https://goo.gl/5cXCq2

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Darkwood New Player Guide

With the full release of Darkwood, people will be in need of some assistance with surviving the first few nights.  In this video, we will discuss the things you need to do to survive the harsh landscape.

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