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Upcoming Content for Black Desert Online!

Lots of new things are coming to the world of Black Desert Online, some are fantastic to hear, some have people very cautious.  Let's take a look at some of the new thing to come to the NA/EU version!

Stay updated on guides and general Black Desert Online content here: https://goo.gl/5cXCq2

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Is Kingdoms and Castles Worth Buying?

Kingdoms and Castles is a strategy city builder that takes place in the middle ages and has you go from a small village to a
prosperous city all while defending your land from raiders and dragons.

Kingdoms and Castles is currently on Steam for $9.99 and is well-priced for the quality you are getting.

If you enjoy a simplified style of city builders, this game will be perfect for you.  If you are expecting a more
advanced type of gameplay, this may be a hard sale.

Solid pricing point at $10
Load times are incredibly fast
No known bugs on my end
Module-type walls that get better the higher they are built. Archers/Ballistas have more range the higher they are
Easy controls
Easily expandable with future content

Lack of an end-game feeling (no real end, just keep expanding and improving)
Fairly basic on general content, game can be completely played out in a few hours
Low replay value, only big change is the randomized maps

Severe lack of diversity in the buildings.  Only one type of bu

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World Boss Locations in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online has quite a few world bosses, some of which hold some incredibly powerful loot.  Can you name the bosses and where they spawn?

Stay updated on guides and general Black Desert Online content here: https://goo.gl/5cXCq2

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Is Shadow Bug Worth Buying? (Steam Release)

Shadow Bug is a platformer that does things a little differently from other platformers.  In Shadow Bug, you attack the enemy to move through the landscape.  This creates interesting puzzle designs that can become challenging later on.

The art design is simple, yet wonderful.  Foregrounds and backgrounds are easy to recognize which prevents confusion.  The enemies are interesting, including the fact that they vary up every once in a while, keeping you on your toes.

A lot about this game is wonderful, but do you find it worth buying?

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