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 4G Cell Phone JammerHowever, due to people's misconceptions, many user complaints, requiring removal of the base station, the resulting loss has reached a million. In recent years, three operators are subject to varying degrees of base-building effects.  http://www.4gcellphonejammers.com/

      From 2009 to the end of 2011, China Mobile Hubei province three years the company moved the base station 526, costing more than 150 million yuan; Hubei Telecom of the property, construction, coordination and other reasons the relocation of the base station to reach 379 at a cost of 94 million yuan; Hubei Unicom province's three-year move all types of base stations 654, costing more than 80 million yuan. Which accounted for the relocation of municipal construction causes 66%, and more for temporary relocation, no advance planning. Relocation causes accounted for 21% of the property is mainly due to the dispute and a few other users' base station radiation "and causes. 4g cell phone jammer

        Currently, based on the principle of radio frequency wireless communications products found everywhere, their number is very alarming growth rate. From cellular phones and wireless PDA, to support WiFi laptop, Bluetooth headset market size, RF ID tags, Zigbee wireless medical devices and sensors, radio frequency devices in the rapidly expanding. To conduct a comprehensive production testing and improve testing capacity, test engineers must understand the choice of the most appropriate instrument to complete these tests. So, how to select the RF test instruments it? 

First, select the radio frequency signal source  4g cell phone jammer

    All of the RF signal source can produce a continuous (CW) radio frequency sine wave signal. Some signal generator can generate analog modulated RF signal (such as AM radio signal or pulse signal), vector signal generator uses IQ modulator produces a variety of analog or digital modulation signals. 

      RF signal source can be further divided into many kinds, including fixed frequency CW sine wave output source, scan output a non-fixed frequency band CW sine wave sweep source, analog signal generator and an increase in both analog and digital modulation vector signal generator. 

        If the test requires excitation signal, then you need the RF signal source. Key indicators is the frequency of the RF signal source with amplitude range, accuracy and amplitude modulation quality (signal source for generating a modulated signal in terms). Frequency tuning speed and amplitude settling time for reducing test time is very critical. 

        Vector Signal Generator is a high performance signal source, usually some combination of arbitrary waveform generator generates a modulated signal together. The arbitrary waveform generator by the vector signal generator can be any type of analog or digital modulation signal. This generator can produce a variety of waveforms within the baseband, and in some cases, also be generated externally of a baseband waveform is then loaded into the instrument. If the test specification requires that the measured component, equipment or system under test equipment according to end-use processing modulation for testing, so in this case usually requires the use of a vector signal generator.  4g cell phone jammer

        If the test specifications required for receiver sensitivity testing, bit error rate testing, adjacent channel rejection, two-tone intermodulation suppression, or two-tone intermodulation distortion test, then we need to use the RF signal source. Two-tone intermodulation test and adjacent channel suppression test requires two signal source, receiver sensitivity test and / or bit error rate test only requires the use of a radio frequency signal source. 

      If the test device is a mobile phone, then the test may be tested modulates the signal type mobile phone according to the standard requirements. Mobile phone power amplifier requires a combination of the modulation signal source (such as a vector signal generator) for testing. Before choosing a vector signal generator, the signal generator to evaluate the switching speed between different modulation signal to ensure that it can provide the fastest test time. 4g cell phone jammer
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