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Game Review justified ?

Hello, Recently I was playing WKC (white Knight chronicle) on my PS3 ( because My computer were being repaired ) anyway to the Point when I was playing online I saw an interesting question about game review you know about what Gamespot and IGN rate the games ?


Well I was asking to Myself the same question , why Gamespot and IGN put bad rates to Good game and put Good rate to poor game


I will Give you an exemple : Gamespot Give Dissidia Final Fantasy 8.5(last time I checked) while the game is not even promising and doesn't even Give something interesting actually it's pretty much Linear and actually (My opinion) Boring I'm not a Final Fantasy Hater actually I enjoyed the serie so far I played each of one even the spin off (dirge of cerberus included)


But then they give WKC a poor note of 6.5 when the actual game is very much open ( and they also announced that we could FREE download new gears and new quests)


So My assumption is forge your Own experience

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Aion Review

Here the ten failure of aion .... nah just kidding


Most seriously I will talk about the pros and cons of AIon but I played on a privates servers so a lot of thing MIGHT differs and I also played to level 5 and I intend to continue playing nowadays


So here I go



I don't expect less from NCsoft after all a lot of asian game use the new engines but still even on my friend laptop and crappy card the graphic is still decent, there is also some cons on the "graphics" issue Like too much leaves in the forest you are kinda lost but well joke asides the graphic are sublime I liked playing it even at 3:00 AM and I was tired of playing after 30 min because of my Hard day



In every game called RPG you need to grind either it's dungeon and dragon world of warcraft Final fantasy Dragon quest Aion and so on it's will always be grinding, either your like it or not even shooter has grinding You shoot relentless ennemy it's the same thing

But in AIon even if there is grinding ( killing many ennemy ) the quest is very different and very entertaining actually I liked it



actually I didnt talked much with people well Only one people who was french

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Western countries VS eastern countries

Hello Again pals This time is on some serious matters yet I have friend on both side of the lines and yet I read a lot of news blogs and forum about what I'm going to said


But I se eon your face what he is gonna talks about I talk about World domination didactorship and whatever comes


As for Western country contestant I take USA as for Easrten country contestant I take China By the way I'm canadian


let's start shall we


USA they always spit or shit on other country who are not republic ( exception of Canada we are a constitutional monarchy ) They said socialist and communist  what are those actually means is simple socialist and communist is equally share among the people everyone shall do their part if you steal you have your hand cut or getting killed and so on

For socialist country we have Cuba with Fidel castro, is anyone tell me if cuba did something bad to USA in past years ??? the answer is NO Nothing actually they didn't even threatened USA at all and for their leader they are very respectful very nice to talk with and very intelligent they didn't impose socialist to other country they didnt build Military base to other country neither but why

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5 Random MMO Review Part I

Hello To all today I decided to put reviw of random MMO in general I will put constructive comment on about it so you can comment on it, so let's start they are not in the orders


1. Dragonica


My first Review will be about Dragonica yes I know it's in open beta and I tested it in french( my native language )

so let,s talk about Dragonica , Dragonica is a 3 D scrolling and easy gameplay and yes a "grind fest" but every MMORPG are grind fest so who caresjust to mention this game as great graphic yet a little cartoonish, but in this part the game is great a fast paced game almost no lag ( I said almost because we lag a little )

The only downside is the lack of gears but like I said earlier it's in Open beta so we will have better gears laters on, for an

overall Marks I would give it 8/10

since it's Open beta I really liked the game


2. Florensia

Second In command the game florensia well its a good game but I really hate the ship control ( it's hard to control ship in this game ) The graphic is Again cartoonish but it's not the problem here the problem is the ship control mostly and it's remind me of tales of pirates/pirates king but 3 D yet I prefer the pira

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