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Hi Guys,
Probably all of you played or at least heard the title "DoTA"(Defense of the Ancients) - a very popular custom mod for Warcraft III, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft.
Well... there's new one coming soon! Its not DoTA 2 and its not even developed by IceFrog (Valve).
Wait... WHAT??
"Asians" decided to create a new MMO called "DoTA" (Dark of Three AncientKingdoms online)...

Dark of Three AncientKingdoms looks pretty much exactly as the original DoTA and the combat system is the same - well, there is one feature that is "unique" to original DoTA, 10vs10 which makes it interesting + there are about 90 heroes!
Its only a matter of time till Blizzard or Valve will take them to court - but will they win?
In Asia (especially China) its pretty common to do such things!

Take a look at those screenshots and share your opinions!



I Hope You Enjoyed It :)

and, As Always Have a Nice Day!

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