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Aion 3.0 - Wings, Dungeons, Houses, Mounts and MORE !

Hi guys,

As some of you probably know, Aion 3.0 was the biggest and most-anticipated update Aion ever had! - it was already released about 2 weeks ago, but right now we are starting to get some real info and screenshots / videos!

Along with 3.0 update a number of things have been released. Those are:

Level Cap is increased up to 60 - new skills were added (including one new Greater Stygma)
New Story - reach level 60 faster and follow the amazing (?) story of Aion!
New Instances - including solo instance and 12 man instance
New Zones - Sarpan and Tiamaranta
New Wings / Gear - lots of new stuff
Mounts - 4 mounts
Difficulty lowered on low level maps - to benefit new players (e.g. party most time is not required)
Housing System - House available for everyone with level 21+ (basic one), while l

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Cabal 2 - New Gameplay Videos!

Hi Guys,

Some of you probably know that Cabal 2 for last couple of days is in Closed Beta Stage (Korea Only). Cabal 2 is developed by ESTsoft - the same studio that created Cabal Online. Cabal 2 is developed using CryEngine 3 (same engine that ArcheAge is using)

Cabal 2 will have 6 classes - Force Blader, Force Archer, Wizard, Warrior, Force Shielder and Priest. If you play or played Cabal Online you will notice new class - Priest, a healing class. While Blader will not make appearance in Cabal 2 (at least for now)

I found some new gameplays from Cabal 2 and I would like to share them with you guys! (Please note that it is the very first beta phase with details seemingly not polished.)

1st video - Dungeon, Level 17     2nd video 30 Players vs. GM    

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Age of Hero - New MMO from Nexon

Hi guys,

About 2 weeks ago Nexon announced that a total of 7 games will be officially showed during G-Star 2011 (November 10-13). Nexon is one of the richest online gaming company in Korea - you will most likely recognize it by games such as Maple Story, Atlantica, Dragon Nest or Vindictus (quite popular games). Age of Hero is developed by Taiwanese studio, Chinesegamer, using the Unreal 2.5 Engine. The story is based on original comic series "Hero" by famous Chinese comic artist Gu Long.

At this moment we only have 3 classes revealed and all of them are 'Chinese Heroes' - Assassin, Fighter and Sword Man.

However, Nexon confirmed that in Age of Hero a number of various heroes will make appearance(maybe even worldwide Heroes will appear?:P).

Well, by looking at those Arts you can cl

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Unveiled: The Supernatural - "HORROR" MMORPG + Teaser

Hi Guys,

Today I was looking for some new upcoming Asian MMORPG (I mostly like Asian style :P) and I find a very 'weird' and 'unique' MMO called Unveiled: The Supernatural.

Introducing Unveiled: The Supernatural, the maiden title for Maverick Studios in development since 2009. Maverick Studios is said to consist of several veterans of the industry with over 11 year sof experience.

There will be 4 Races - Vampires, Hunter, Witch and Werewolf  There will be no Classes and Each Race will be weak against another, hence no single race is superior in the game.

Instead there will be "Mastery System" where players will need to add points into various skill trees and create their own unique characters. There are various skill trees available to each race, including weapons, summoning

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