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Prepare for battle Slayers!

This week’s developer diary takes a stab at one of the most talked about topics of WindSlayer 2: Player-versus-Player (PvP) combat!

After honing your skills on the ape army, demolishing renegade robots, and even eradicating the rat problem, you still thirst for blood. We all have some pent up aggression that needs to be released and what better way of doing that than challenging a fellow (or enemy) Slayer to a duel? A great way to settle disputes and put your mettle to the test, PvPing in WindSlayer 2 is a heart pounding experience that will make you a regular in the Arena.

At the Arena, which can be found in each major city and is run by a war veteran named Yuppo, you can sign up for different battle modes such as Team Match, Death Match, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Each mode has its own objective, but they all involve pummeling your opponent(s). You can duel one person or even form a guild battle to see who reigns supreme. As you win battles, your PvP rating grows which allows you to gain notoriety and exclusive prizes. Victory brings great rewards to those that show a talent in warfare.

Participating in official tournaments also brings special rewards that cannot be earned elsewhere. These will be held regularly, allowing fresh blood and veterans alike to engage in friendly competition that is sponsored by the Game Masters. We have some great ideas to make these events memorable so make sure to sign up when they are available.

We know that PvP is an essential part of WindSlayer 2, and we are devoted to making it the best we can. You never know, you might even get a chance to challenge a GM to a skirmish! Who wouldn’t want to battle the gods?


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