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For those of you who play Megaten, you already heard about how the game is switching its hosting over to Atlus Online instead of Aeria Games. You probably also know about the event they held during march where all of the AP you spent during that time would be refunded to you in April before the game makes the big move. Well that time has come, and the email has been sent out.

Well...The email was sent out on Tuesday, I actually didn't notice it till today though when I was filtering through my email accounts. The email you get is like the one to the left, which is a copy of mine. You get a recap of what the event was and how you can redeem your points. It also goes to telling you how much you get back and a link to where you can redeem it. It is a really painless process and at the end you get your points back. The process is not automated, hence the need to go through the steps. The offer also expires late in May so it is best to get this out of the way before it is too late and you forget.

As for the move to Atlus Online, I am indifferent to it to be honest. I like Aeria Games and I like Atlus. So as long they're hosting it and not Gpotato or Nexon, then I am happy. Why not those two? Well, Gpotato always has a problem with hackers in their games more than anyone else I have seen, and Nexon has an issue with their customer support being god awful (At least in my experience with them).

Will any of you be playing when the game makes the move? Or will this get you to start playing the game?

As an added note, don't forget to migrate your account to ensure you can still have access to your characters. They're also doing an event giving all those who successfully migrate an item by the time the migration finishes.

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