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A couple of days ago, my friend’s World of Warcraft account got hacked.  While this is not anything new to the world of MMOs, this time it struck closer to home than ever.  I thought it highly ironic therefore when I opened my email inbox to receive the announcement that Gamersfirst is reminding players that even though Blizzard is letting others know your real name on the forums for everyone to see, you don’t have to worry about identity theft in Gamersfirst games.  Why?  Because you can play their games completely anonymously.

GamersFirst, today's most popular Free2Play® MMO publisher, reaffirms its commitment to keeping gamers' real identities safe from public view, while letting gamers communicate using their character names throughout its Free2Play MMO titles and forums.

They are calling this an “identity crisis,” and with the recent wave of player accounts being hacked, sold, etc, I must say I have to agree.  When I got to see the Gamersfirst lineup of games at this year’s E3, I was most impressed by their racing title, Victory.  While they do offer standard MMO options like the fantasy-based Sword 2, upcoming MMOFPS MKZ, and a space MMO with an almost EvE Online vibe called Taikodom, it was Victory's novel approach to a racing MMO that caught my eye.  All of these games are available now free to play, with the exception of MKZ which is still in development.

If you’re interested in trying Sword 2 or War Rock but haven’t yet, you’re in luck.  Starting tomorrow they will be running a special promotion celebrating their anonymous gameplay model.  Simply log on to their website and enter the code ‘StayAnonymous’ to receive exclusive goodies.


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