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[Quest at E3 2011] MMOs mentioned at the E3 Press Conferences


Today signaled the beginning of E3 week, since even though the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center don't open until tomorrow at noon, the industry spend the day visiting the major press conferences and learning about all the upcoming titles.  While there wasn't a great deal of MMO related information released today, there were a few key moments worth mentioning.  

Ghost Recon Online -- A Free-to-Play title based on the insanely popular Tom Clancy franchise, Ghost Recon promises a richly immersive multiplayer experience that blends well with the other Ghost Recon game coming next year – Future Soldier.  There isn’t much information out yet about the game, but they did say that your achievements from each game will transfer to the other.

Star Wars: The

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Dark Souls announces collector's edition Details


Today Namco Bandai announced the pre-order incentives for the sequel to acclaimed Demon Souls, Dark Souls.  The action RPG will be coming to North America this October, but those who pre-order will get nifty goodies for the same cost of the regular edition game. 

For $59.99 the Collector's Edition of Dark Souls will include a limited edition art book, a mini-strategy guidebook, behind-the-scenes videos from the development studio detailing various stages of game concept, design and building, and the game’s soundtrack for digital download.  All of this will come packaged with the standard edition game in a custom-designed metal case.

This reminds me a lot of the pre-orders for Dragon Age II, where they gave out extra perks for gamers shelling out the money for the

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Bioware BOGO nets you Mass Effect 2 for Free

A few days ago Bioware announced that should you happen to be living under a rock, they will reward you for your purchase of Dragon Age 2.  What I mean to say is that they are giving out codes through the EA Download Manager for Mass Effect 2 to those who bought a copy of DA2.  

I don't really understand this, since most people who are Bioware fans will already own a copy of ME2.  However for those who don't have the sci-fi space epic it's a great chance to motivate people to buy their own copy of DA2 rather than borrowing a friends'.  Perhaps that's the whole M.O. behind the BOGO: To get people who might not really buy their own Dragon Age 2 pushed over the fence with the promise of the award winning Mass Effect 2.

To qualify and get your Mass Effect 2 PC download c

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Capcom teases a new dragon Game

Word is spreading throughout gaming sites about a teaser page that was found on the Capcom website.  This page started ticking down the hours, minutes and seconds until April 12th, and appears to show little else beyond a dragon and its beating heart.  In looking at the source code on the page (such a hacker am I) wasn't able to find much, although others were able to strip away the image file that is running behind the dragon.  Granted, we can't tell a lot from a crumbling castle and some trees, but it's something.

Some are saying this might be Dragon's Dogma, an IP that Capcom nabbed back in August. In any case, the idea of Capcom slipping a new RPG into the mix is definitely intriguing, and I can't wait to see what April 12th shows us.  If there are any majo

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Mass Effect anime movie coming in 2012

This morning Electronic Arts announced that they have made a deal with anime movie production house FUNimation Entertainment for a Mass Effect movie.  

Casey Hudson of BioWare, executive producer of the Mass Effect series, will serve as executive producer on the film, along with FUNimation President and CEO Gen Fukunaga and Director of Original Entertainment Chris Moujaes and T.O Entertainment’s CEO Takeichi Honda and Yui Shibata.

"Over the last few years, we have revealed different pieces of the Mass Effect world through different media. Extending the story through an anime medium is another amazing opportunity for us,” said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer for the Mass Effect series. "Partnering with FUNimation ensures that we will b

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Witcher Versus comes to iPhone

You might not know this about me, but I was enthralled by CD Projekt's The Witcher. It was my first introduction into the modern Action RPG.  I simply cannot wait to find out more about Geralt's adventures in The Witcher 2. Luckily, thanks to Chillingo, I won't have to.

Today Chillingo released Wictcher Versus for iPhone and iPod touch.  While this isn't a new release for this casual Witcher adventure, it is the first opportunity that many in the US will get to play it, since it was liscensed as an online adventure in Europe last year.  This will allow anyone to experience The Witcher in a smaller, more portable fighting game format.  Let's hope the load times are a little better in this version than in the original.

You can pick up Witcher Versus from the iTunes sto

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Final Mass Effect 2 DLC arriving Mar 29th

Mass Effect 2 is one of those games that people never want to end.  Normally that's where DLC comes in, but today Bioware announced they will be ending the epic space saga of Captain Jack (Shepard) with their final expansion, Mass Effect: Arrival.  Available March 29th, the DLC will feature three new achievements for the 360 and PC players, and three new trophies for the PS3 players.  It's all that and a bag of achievements, all for 560 Bioware points.  I guess I know what I'm spending my last little bit on.  Oh wait, no I don't, there will still be DLC for Dragon Age 2 coming.  /dilemma

In Mass Effect: Arrival, Commander Shepard is sent to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion tha

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Magicka announces first DLC will be Vietnam

They're right.  I didn't see that coming.  When I first heard about this little Gauntlet-esque hack and slash, I figured Magicka was the sort of game that was cute but not really worth much time.  After all, there are plenty of games like it.  Heck if I wanted to play a Baulder's Gate game I would just play Baulder's Gate, you know?  That was until last week when Magicka announced their first expansion and proved to the world that they intend to stand out.

It's a traditional fantasy game, with little wizards in cute little robes, right?  Well yes, but now Paradox Interactive has decided that their first expansion will be the Vietnam war.  Yep.  Can't get more paradoxical than little magic wielding mages running around with machine guns and grena

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[Quest at GDC] Predicting gaming’s future from trends at GDC

Today was the last day of the Game Developer’s Conference, and as my neck unkinks from lugging my computer up and down the streets of San Francisco, I have been thinking back over what I have heard at the various panels and discussions.  I’ve seen dozens of games, have talked to numerous developers, whose games I will be sharing with you over the course of next week.  But today I want to share with you my personal take on what this year’s GDC means for the rest of this year and game development on into the future.  I notice two major trends in game design coming out of this year’s GDC, and these have me very excited:  Truly cross platform social gaming, and serious games that will improve the real world.

Cross Platform Social Gaming

This trend was

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[Quest at GDC 2011] Looking back at Cataclysm

The entire city turned its attention to the West Hall at Moscone this afternoon, eagerly anticipating the post mordem discussion of Cataclysm, World of Warcraft’s latest expansion.  The line to get in the room wound around the entire floor and the room was filled to capacity, the audience expectantly chittering as Tom Chilton Lead WoW Designer stood at the podium.  Knowing that this man has the attention of not only San Francisco, but also the world makes this a unique opportunity to peer into the design processes that go into making such a popular game expansion.  I think more than anything, this will be a reflection on how the design of WoW has progressed, and what we can expect from the next two expansions.

Serial process in game design, finish one product at a time,

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