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Do not blame the power

Its 1-1 draw with Nuremberg, Bayern, such a result in a natural feeling bitter, then after the object of the game hero Muller lamented: “Tonight, we did not get a point, but lost two points “. Jen cult behind Hanover also take this World Cup Football Shirts opportunity to overcome Bayern, rose to third place ranking, while Bayern in the Champions League qualifying danger again. The Bayern coach Louis van Gaal angry. Dutchman said.

“We were able to win, but in the end then, there are five games, we get 15 points, otherwise we will not be guaranteed to be capable of carrying three of the classification hierarchy, we have the League Qualification Champions! “Midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is also frustrated, said: “In the main case was a very Youth Long Sleeve cheap Football Shirtsbitter feeling to shoot, we played better today, controlled the match, but ultimately not win the opponent, leave us disappointed . ‘On the Lower errors of the power level of the goalkeeper, said the pig

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Wenger 40 million to buy the right person

August 18 morning, according to “Sky Sports” message, their position in an interview Wenger, Arsenal and not afraid to spend money, if they are the right players, professors can come up with 30 million or 40 million pounds Football Shirts Wholesale to buy. On the team’s current predicament, Wenger said that unity in order to survive. This summer, Wenger away the captain Fabregas, Emmanuel Eboue, Gael Clichy and Denilson, and many other generals, compared to Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool easily purchase

  10 million levels, the introduction of Arsenal in the summer players only hot Wei Niao and Chamberlain worth tens of millions, but not to the Chamberlain that war capacity. Nasri is also close to leaving the team in the case of Arsenal fans began to question whether there is a champion of ambition. Perspective on the current Adult Cheap Football Shirts Long Sleeve trade rumors, Matta and Judson is very close to Arsenal, but Wenger told “Sky Sports” intervie

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AC Milan For Barcelona

    Some players always seem to like itself in contradiction and controversy, BA added that one of them. Banega was because sex video hymns was made notorious for exposure on the network, and now he put on a Real Madrid shirt to take pictures and set off a “bat Legion” the dissatisfaction of the fans.In a photo spread on the Internet, Banega who is a Valencia player, was somehow put on a white shirt of Real Madrid, but also Cheap Football Shirts with their family group photo, after his brother and upload photos on 

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