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Miner Wars 2081 Official Soundtrack Released!

Dear Miner Wars Fans,

I must confess, I am in love with the music our team has created for Miner Wars 2081! So I’ve decided to share it with all of you. We’ve woven it into a complete soundtrack and I must say it’s epic, heroic, and glorious! Not to mention pretty damn sweet.

Check out the demohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9z_GwX4cqI

Or just buy it now! http://www.minerwars.com/Store/Index.aspx?o=add&c=1&p=6

Experience the year 2081 from a whole new perspective through this beautiful soundtrack, handcrafted by award-winning composer Karel Antonin, along with Marek Mrkvicka. Be swept away on majestic space flights. Experience the chill of the deep space void. Listen to the songs of lonely space travelers!
Bonus track: The Fourth Reich

The soundtrack is soon to be available on iTunes and other music delivery platforms.

Perhaps you remember our first pre-alpha soundtrack made by the collaborative effort of four different composers, Dan Wentz, Artimus Bena, Slobodan Ste...
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Miner Wars 2081 Introduces Fourth Reich

This time, we would like to present the most controversial of all factions in Miner Wars 2081: the semi-Nazi Fourth Reich. Below, you’ll find some key information about this faction, its roots, and its place in the world of Miner Wars.

Along with this press release, we are pleased to release a bundle of screenshots and art samples dedicated to the Fourth Reich. Enjoy this selection of in-game locations and space ships, as well as key personalities from the Reichist political and military scene! As a bonus, we’ve made a special infographic about the Fourth Reich. Feel free to use it as a poster if you like. And spread it to your friends if you find this faction fascinating!

Purity and Perfection!

These are the theme words of the Nazi-influenced Fourth Reich. What lies behind those ideals? Rise of the Reich The movement began behind closed doors among Nazi circles and wealthy industrialists and did not make its presence known publicly until after the Solar Event of 2070. Befo...
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Miner Wars 2081 Hits ALPHA Stage - Demo Featuring First Mission Released!

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new Miner Wars 2081 demo!

Prepare yourselves for an almost-final look at the first storyline campaign mission – Russian Assault. It features voice-overs from pros such as: John McCalmont (Marcus), Tori Kamal (Apollo), and JJ Aaronson (Madelyn).Descend into the mineshafts in your Arion MK7 Combat & Mining Ship and hold tight as the initial conflict unravels. Survive a deadly ambush, battle your way out of the mining complex, escape with your mothership and...

...to be continued!

As a bonus, enjoy our Playground sector, designed to feature many of the gameplay elements Miner Wars 2081 will soon offer. The new demo also offers improved and up-to-date in-game editor to build maps and sectors of your dreams!

Wanna try yourself? Check out the new demo (Public Build) athttp://www.minerwars.com/Downloads.aspx

Eager to see more? Check our new two gameplay videos on Youtube:

- Russian Assault (1st Mission): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZFdt

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Action-Packed Screenshots and E3 Trailer Reminder

The gang here at Keen Software House is proud to present a brand new bundle of action-packed screenshots featuring combat scenarios from the Miner Wars 2081 storyline campaign! Get an inside look at the greatest interior and space shooter of the decade, coming soon to your PC!

We are thrilled beyond belief about the many exciting gameplay variations Miner Wars will offer. One of these, of course, is adrenaline-pumping action – cut your way through lines of enemy fighters, mother ships, and stationary defenses!

Enjoy our fresh selection of screenshots!
- Screenshot Gallery at MinerWars.com: http://www.minerwars.com/Pics.aspx

E3 Trailer Reminder
Just a reminder, too, to check out our brand new trailer, made fresh for E3! It shows our hand-crafted interiors, awesome exteriors, creepy tunnels and mine shafts, fortresses, and heavy industrial equipment. Don’t miss it!
- Official E3 Trailer on YouTube: http://youtu.be/4fAWCppqnpY
- Video Gallery at MinerWars.com: http://www.minerwars.com/Vide...
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