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This is the astonishing X-ray of a teenager after he was stabbed through the head with a 10 inch knife after a row over a computer game. 


Tough nut Xiao Wei, 16, amazed doctors after he WALKED to the hospital with the support of his friends after being stabbed in the head with the cleaver which left only its handle showing.


Professor Yan Shijun, deputy director of neurosurgery department of the hospital said: "His face was covered in blood, but he was still conscious,"  


The attack happened after Xiao Wei and his friend Huang were playing online game, Counter-strike, in an internet cafe.


"When we were playing games, a group of people from the same cafÈ came to us, saying we must install some software to win the game. Then we had an argument with them," said 18-year-old Huang.

Xiao Wei and Huang were pulled out of the cafe and beaten to the ground outside. "My left arm was stabbed, and when they had gone, I found Xiao Wei was lying on the ground with a knife in his head."


Yan said it's the first time during his 23 years of medical practice that he's seen someone still conscious after being stabbed in the head.


X-rays and CAT scans confirmed that the cleaver luckily didn't hit any main arteries or nerves.


Doctors operated on Xiao and managed to take out the 14cm long knife after two hours.



Police are still hunting for the knifeman.


original from www.mirror.co.uk


kid gets stabbed in the head for cheating in counter strike  

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