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POE Items

In PoE items are very important aspect of the game. Without proper items, characters are unable to survive higher difficulty levels and will die very often due to high physical and elemental damage of the monsters. Some items are foundations for certain builds and without them, those builds would not exist. It is important for new players to understand, what combination of mods are good on items, what are the things that make items expensive. The sooner they are familiar with that, the easier playing the game will be.

There are several item rarity tiers in Path of Exile (grouped in ascending order by rarity) – Normal, Magic, Rare and Unique items. Normal items have no mods on them, only the implicit property the base item has. Magic items can have 1-2 affixes. Rare items can have 3-6 affixes. Unique items have custom modifiers and you cannot add any affixes to them.

Affixes, also called item mods, divide into two groups – prefixes and suffixes. A magic item can have 1 suffx and 1 prefix.

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Poe currency guide for new players

As in every game in the market, there is currency in Path of Exile. For other games it’s mostly gold, but in Path of Exile currency is much more complex than that. Game has interesting system – currency in it is also used for crafting, that means it will never become obsolete as it often happens with gold in other games. Currently there are more than 20 different currency orbs, it is very confusing for newer players and that is why I am writing this PoE currency guide. I will cover all Path of Exile currency items, write down some tips and tricks of using, obtaining and spending them and help you understand the value of each orb and a little about how poe currency trading works.


My tip to new players is – save currency until you reach later point into the game and carefully read about it before using it to fully understand what each piece does.


I have made something like PoE currency exchange guide with each orb’s price in relation to Orb of Chaos, as it is the, let’s say, th

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【Tree of Savior】Latin American Server & Maintenance Issues

On 2015-10-30, IMCGAMES announced that a Latin American server will open to address the issues amongst  Tree of Savior`s users on its servers. The next day, IMCGAMES announced that due to unexpected errors the Latin American server will be postponed until the issue is fully resolved.

In the meantime, we had our first real maintenance in the wee hours of Tuesday EST that promise to fix several known issues. However, when the goddesses open their arms to welcome Tosters to the servers; we’ve found that while we aren’t sure if the promised issues were solved, there are host of new bugs that has the servers up in chaos. Particularly in protest of the Blacksmith’s price raise for repairs, and the price changes which left many Tosters in financial ruins.

Presently, there seem to be an open market for Squires to set up shops in towns, and popular training spots. This Toster will definitely utilize their services until that awful Blacksmith rethink his prices! One of our members, Valkyrie m

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'World of Warcraft' in-game currency is more and more worthy.

Venezuela’s national currency is becoming so irrelevant in the real world it's less valuable than money that only exists in the mythical world.

World of Warcraft Gold in-game currency is now worth nearly seven times more than the Venezuelan bolivar, Fortune reported Monday. The value of the gold used to buy and sell items in Azeroth – the game’s fictional world – was worth only two times as much last August.

As Fortune breaks it down, the U.S. dollar is worth roughly 68,915 bolivar. “World of Warcraft” tokens – used to extend play time or a character’s life – can be bought with $20 or in-game gold. The in-game gold price of a token comes out to 203,035 pieces, according to WoWTokenPrices.com. That comes out to about 10,152 gold per U.S. dollar, according to Fortune.

With that figure, Fortune explains that “World of Warcraft” gold is worth nearly 6.8 times more than the bolivar. And on the black market, it could be worth more than 62 times than the bolivar.

The Venezuelan government has

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