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to start full dex guardians are very expensive, because they need crit weapons and good vit accesories. so if u arent very rich u should begin with a cheaper char.stat build is quit simple. u will

increase only dex at each level up

.1. darkness: Increases Dark Attribute Attack by 100% and Dark Attribute Defense by 50%. 8% chance of decreasing the enemy's attack speed by 30% for 7 seconds.

2.taunt: Level 1: Forces the target monster to attack the player. Can only be used while in a Party.

3.protection:Level 5: Increases the Physical Defense of the Target's Armor by 15% for 30 minutes.

4.Sharpen Blade:Level 1: Increases the Damage of 1-Handed weapons(except Daggers) by 3% for 18 minutes.

5.Blessed Shield:Level 5:The Shield's Block Rate is increased by 6% for 30 minutes.

6.invoke:Level 5:Increases the user's Critical Damage by 470% of the user's Dexterity for 30 minutes. Dexterity is increased by 20%.

7.charge:Level 5:Hits the target with your Shield to deal 100% additional damage, and stuns them for 6 seconds.

now on the guardian tree:

1.Physical Blow:Level 5: 15% boost in HP 15% boost to HP. Lasts 30 mins.

2.Taunt Roar:Level 1: Taunt Nearby monsters will attack you for 10 secs. Use only during Party play.

3.Rush:Level 5: Paralyze You will charge against an opponent that's 20M from you and Paralyze him for 6 secs.

4.Warcry:Level 5: 25% drop in melee attack 25% drop to your opponent's melee attacks if they are within 15M. Lasts 30 secs

5.Crazy Strength:Level 1: 5% boost in Strength 5% boost to your target's Strength.Lasts 18 mins

6.Final Crash:Level 1: 120% of your Psyche is applied to the damage you deal.

7.Crazy Standing:Level 5: 122% boost in Attack speed, 25% boost in damage. Immobilized for 10 secs, 122% boost to Attack speed, 25% boost to damage.

8.Blue Drain:Level 1: 100% of your damage is applied to your opponent's Mana.

9.Order Swing:Level 5: 6% Damage Accumulation 6% of your Damage is accumulated for every attack and is applied towards your next attack's damage. Lasts 30 secs.

10.Heavy Weapon:Level 5: 50% drop in Attack Speed. Lowers opponent's Attack speed by 50%. Lasts 60 secs.

11.Critical Aura:Level 5: 5% boost in chance for Critical 5% boost to you and your party member's chance for a Critical hit

12.Rohas Bless:Level 5: Futile Stun / Root spells Makes Stun / Root spells futile for 40 secs.

13. Stone Skin:Level 5: Futile Physical Damage Physical Damage received is futile for 30 secs


that is all. thanks for attention.

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