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By: ig4c posted at Mar 13, 2017 1:15 am

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- The game uses way too much CPU power. My i5-4590 is maxed out or at least 90% all the time, even at the title screen. The only people who don't seem to have this problem are i7 users.

- GPU is fully loaded by default. My GTX 1060 ran at like 84°C before I found how to lock the fps at 60 with V-Sync. But even that doesn't seem to be enough as there are often way too many people on the screen to hold a steady 60fps.

- I think you should add a 'reconnect' button or something to special rooms, since i lost many tickets to the several crashes i had. Also the fps drops very hard after having the game open 30/50 mins

- The Blood Castle countdown starts BEFORE the whole party enters the dungeon. This often leads to 30-40 seconds deducted from the results, which is very discouraging.

- The word "auto" is censored in chat. Please fix your word filter.

- When you move from a map to another, if you click on a dungeon (for example a rift) before the whole map is fully loaded, you will enter the dungeon immediately instead of getting the screen to pick difficulty and party. I accidentally wasted an entry for Dragon's Haven because of this. Please fix it.

- The fonts used in CBT1 looked very nice, but now all the fonts look like Arial. Why changed the original when it was much better?

- The imperial coins seller been spamming such as gm2v mu legend zen. If the devs do NOT combat this issue soon, this game will suffer huge player drop offs.

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