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Major Update 3: Pets, Guild Tournaments, and More Coming Oct. 15

Luna Online's third major content update is the biggest yet, featuring the most anticipated features that the Luna community has been asking for!

Our third major update is a big "thank you" to all of Luna's fans, and includes something for high level players or those just getting started. There's never been a better time to play Luna Online!

    Pets - More than just a cute companion, your Luna Online pet is a full combat ally able to hold its own in battle. Choose how to raise your pet by customizing its skills, gear, costume, and even how it evolves! There's no need to fight alone with your new pet partner by your side!Guild Tournaments - Nera Castle's weekly guild tournament pits guild against guild in the ultimate PvP showdown! Log in, join your friends and battle rival guilds for amazing prizes and the ultimate bragging rights. Think your guild is the best? Prove it!Kierra's Lair - New map, new quests, new raid boss. Complete brand new quests in this unexplored region of the Blue Land or team up with allies to take on the evil queen Kierra and her deadly minions for valuable treasure and powerful loot!

Luna's third content update will be available on Thursday, Octobe

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Philosopher’s Stones Preview Event!

Ever get a drop with blue stats? They’re awesome right? How would you like to be able to add those blue stats to every single piece of your gear? Well with the brand new Philosopher’s Stones you can!



That’s right! Philosopher’s Stones grant all armor and weapons random blue stats! To use this item simply double click it in your inventory and drag any unequipped weapons or armor to the window. Then simply click ‘Grant Option’ and keep your fingers crossed!




The best part of Philosopher’s Stones is the fact that you could get lucky and get up to 4 options! How would you like to have a Hammer with +10 critical chance 4 times!? Or +7 WIS 3 times!?

Sometimes the random option applied to your item won’t be the bonus you are looking for. Thankfully, Philosopher’s Stones can be used multiple times on a single item! However, the previous bonus will be removed with each successive use.

We’re still preparing the Philosopher’s Stone bundles and packages for you, but we’re SO EXCITED about this awesome item we decided to give you an exclusive preview of them before the official release!

Starting June 19t

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    The Luna Online Item Shop is Now Open!

    The Luna Online item shop is now open! Featuring power-ups, costumes, and other items that allow you to get the most our of your game time, the Luna Online item shop brings more customization options to the game than ever before.

    Stop by the item shop now to see if any of the items available are right for you.

    This is only the beginning! We'll be adding new items to the item shop every week, including new costumes, potions, and bundles, so keep checking back to see what's new!

    For information and to let us know what you think, please visit the Luna Online forums.

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    Luna Online Open Beta Details Revealed!

    The Luna Online closed beta may be ending on May 3rd, but that doesn't mean the adventure ends with it.

    The Luna Online Open Beta begins on Thursday, May 14th! We'll be opening the servers bright and early at 10:00am PDT (GMT-7).

    We'll be bringing lots of exciting new content to the game in open beta, including:

      Fishing - Visit the Alker Farm Region and cast your line to find exclusive items and become Luna's next great fishing master.Farming - Stake your claim and start your very own farm with your family.3rd Job Class Change - Complete the quest to become an Archer, Thief, Sorcerer, Priest, Mercenary, and more as you level to 60!New areas - Venture into two dangerous new maps - Red Orc Outpost and Way to Howling Ravine - and overcome their quests and challenges.New dating instance - Nothing says "I love you" like a fireball to the face. Remember: Those that slay together stay together!

    All closed beta players will receive a bundle of in-game items as our way of saying thanks for all their help in closed beta, including costumes, potions, and more.

    Open Beta is just the beginning of our plans for Luna Online. We'll be opening our item shop in the coming months and

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