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LawBreakers is one of those games that clearly has a vested interest in blurring lines of morality. Offering two incredibly polarized factions for players to explore, it’s a clear homage to the nature of gamer choice. In FPS games, you can often choose sides, but they rarely have the impact that this type of game does.

Essentially, LawBreakers has a narrative focus that a lot of these FPS titles aren’t known for. Choosing a faction influences which side of the story you’re on. It’s a great concept, and they’ve already explained that there will be many classes within each faction, so it’s going in the right direction for a versatile set of options.

The gravity based combat seems incredibly unique. One thing I always struggle with is when I feel like FPS games aren’t as thorough as they could be with movement. I don’t like generic movement. I love wall running, and low gravity jumps, and hovering. That’s why Titanfall still reigns as one of my favorite shooters. Influencing the gravity seems like a good way to keep combat fresh and thorough.

The way the story is laid out leaves plenty of room for unique level design. The Shattering event that changed the layout of the world paves the way for some rather fantastical sci-fi locations. If the developers manage to pull through, the arenas, the combat, the movement, and the faction choices could lay the foundation for a very unique era in Role-based FPS games.

It’s going to be a tough battle ahead for any major shooter, as Overwatch has a seat at a metaphorical throne as of now. But if any game has my eye, and looks like it could step into a new field, it’s LawBreakers. If you’re interested in giving it a try, sign up for the Alpha on their official website right now.

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