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Fishing Hero is one of the rare “Fishing MMOGs” out there.

And it’s F2P.


Pretty nice. You have detailed models of the fishes, good looking player models, nice 2D pictures of the fishes. Just the “Underwater view” and the shore look a bit sub par.

Loading screens are low res (probably going to be fixed with OBT)

Pretty well done graphics


I’m kind of missing the sound of an engine and the waves if you move your boat.

Other ambient sounds and music are good.

Character Creation:

You got 6 premade characters per gender and you can only customize the stats a bit.

The stats influence damage on “hooking”, damage on reeling, damage on “pulling the rod”, resulting in “strike” or “stun”. Standard is 50 all and you got 10 points to distribute.

Later on you can buy different clothing (2-3 different designs per set piece) and costumes.

Main Menu:

After finishing the tutorial on “How to Fish” you can start Freestyle play or Team match (Other modes like “Contest” weren’t available yet, so was the Auctionhouse.)

In both modes you either join a room or create one.

The game is lobby based and each room can hold up to 8 players. They can be set public or private with PW access.

Other things to do from the Main menu are:

Shopping (both regular Shop and CS combined, additionally a tab to bus items with “C coins” you get from logging in each day)

Checking your fish tank (on the boat) and either selling the fishes in there or putting them into an aquarium.

Checking NPCs for quests.

Checking the Fish wiki for info on certain fishes/on certain regions.

Fishing controls:

WASD to move your boat.

C or the button on the bottom of the screen to cast your rod (the bait will be consumed on cast so even if you “break” the cast it’s gone)

With Space you could then use an underwater camera to check what fish is biting, so you could break the cast and save yourself some time if it’s a “small”/unwanted fish.

As soon the fish bites all you need is the LMB and the mouse itself.

LMB reels in, so you need to keep an eye on tension and line length.

Fast mouse movement while holding LMB “hooks” the fish in the beginning and later on is like a “special attack” that uses your stamina to down the fish’s stamina and maybe even stun it or faster reeling/fish stamina loss.

You might need to move your boat while fishing (to shorten the line/get tension on a lose line)

This one is not as tough as it seems.


You will need a boat, a rod, a reel, a line, a hook and bait. Additionally there are a hat, shirt, pants, shoes, gloves, a ring, earrings, necklace, watch, sunglasses just for looks and stat boni.

The standard equipment can’t be sold and doesn’t get used up. All other equipment, except line, hooks and bait has durability versions (100%) or timed versions (30 day, 7 day) and can be enhanced to give even better stats.

New equipment is available at levels 5, 10 and then ever 10 levels till 80.

Game play:

First you need to open or join a room. Many fishing locations (higher lvl areas) will need a sail permit for that area to be able to open a room there (one time use, from quests or shops)

There you catch fish, get exp for them, decide if you want to put them into the tank or release them. Fishes in the tank can be sold back in the main menu.

Fishes are listed in a bar on the upper edge of the screen for the “Fishing spot” you are in, with details on rarity, strength and preferred baits.

A room will only stay open for ~2 hours per permit used and you can only expand that time with the use of another sail permit.

If you catch fishes that are stronger than you, you have a chance to get a “Fortune card” which will start a roulette for items and money. Also you will get more exp for them. Grades reach from 1-10 and the higher the grade, the bigger the fish compared to the average of that species.

Nice catch!


Over 800 different fishes (duplicates of common fishes on multiple locations. Actual number of species is lower)

5 Ocean Regions (Asia 1, Asia 2, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and America) with each 4-7 “Maps” to play on.


Many quests are about catching a certain number of a certain species of fish in a certain location. Some rather rare quests are about “having fish x and y in your fish tank”.

Some other quests are more “vague” (“Catch 3 mutant Fish in Map name”).

Most quests give you exp, money, sometimes even items (rare baits for example).

You got “Scenario Quests” (Like Story quests)

“General Quests”

“Event Quests”

“Daily Quests”

And last but not least, rather spontaneous quests, which appear only for 30 minutes on fishes on the map you are on. You usually only need to catch one or two of them for some money.

Cash shop:

Just like for regular equipment you need to be a certain level for certain items.

Items range from “convenience” (warp tickets, restyle ticket to choose a different avatar) to equipment which is the equivalent of ~20 levels ahead statwhise, but 30 days only.

This may lead to an inbalance as soon contests are released since CS boats are way faster just as an example. But if you are just leisurely playing in freestyle you might not be bothered by that at all.

Other items are special sail permits, food to regen stamina, an alternative “underwater camera” balloons for the boat and other extras that grant slight exp boni or stat boni.

Underwater cam in action


With the promise of 2 more Fishing regions and 2 more Game modes the game is pretty ambitious. The current amount of content would take about a month or two of constant playing (and lucky fishing) to complete (fishing list only).

But of course Contests would add more “PvP” which could add hours and hours of more content to play. Since the controls are fairly easy (compared to the other fishing MMOG I tested) it’s the closest to the classic console fishing Games of the PS2 era I experienced so far.

Fishing fans for sure should give it a try. Also people who want to take a break from their raid/dungeon/grind stress and miss a proper implementation of a fishing “minigame” in their MMORPG could probably relax for a while playing Fishing Hero too.

Homepage: http://fishinghero.z8games.com/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fishinghero

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