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[Review]Aura Kingdom Founder Beta

Aura Kingdom is an Anime Style 3D MMORPG developed by X-Legend and published by Aeria Games.


Charcter Creation:

First off you choose one of 8 Classes:

Guardian: Tank type with Sword and Shield

Duellist: Melee DPS with Dual Swords

Ravager: Melee AOE DD with a Giant Battleaxe

Wizard: Magic AOE DD with a Staff

Sorcerer: Support & Heal with a Book

Bard: Support & Heal with a Harp

Grenadier: Ranged AOE DD with a Grenade Launcher

Gunslinger: Ranged DPS with Dual Pistols

9th Class to be implemented


While the weapons listed are your main weapons, at level 40 you unlock the possibility to use a secondary weapon.


Then you choose your gender and between:

9 different faces

10 hairstyles

12 haircolors

20 eye colors

4 skin tones.



LMB or WASD for movement, RMB for Camera

1-0 and Ctrl

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[Discussion] Founder Packs

Over the last year more and more F2P publishers offered Founder Packs, a limited package which usually includes a few ingame goodies, like a limited mount/pet/costume/title, early/granted Beta access and maybe even some items that need to be shipped, may it be a figure/statue, cards or a plushie.


This “strategy” only works with popular/hyped titles though, since not many people would pay a price ranging from 20$ up to 100 or even 200$ (like for Neverwinter) for a granted Beta plus some goodies.

The point is: Why would I pay to test play a game, if I’m not even 100% sure, if it is the game I want to play for the next year(s).

People usually play the beta to find out about that.


Another problem is, that there might be difficulties with delivery of items, for example 20$ or more extra for international shipping.


The prices are pretty much only built around estimates of the item values and CS items are the only items you can actually research the value of. That means that a p

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[Review]Path of Exile OBT

Path of Exile is a F2P isometric 3D Roguelike MMO developed and published by Grinding Gear Games.


Character creation:

Actually there isn’t a real character creation. You only choose what character you want to play.



Each of the available characters has their own class:


Witch: Focused on Magic, female


Marauder:  Strong Melee, male


Ranger: Bow and Arrow, female


Duellist: Dexterity/Strength Hybrid, male


Templar: Intelligence/Strength Hybrid, male


Shadow: Dexterity/Intelligence Hybrid, male


Scion: Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity Hybrid, needs to be rescued later in the game to be playable, female


And all classes of course have preferred Weapons, but there is no strict rule that a Ranger isn’t allowed to use a sword. It all depends on

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[Review] Hero of the Obelisk CBT

Hero of the Obelisk is a Chibi Anime style Dungeon Crawler Point n Click MMORPG developed by Eyasoft (Dev of Iris Online, Luna Online and Legend of Edda), published by GBE Games.

Character Creation:

Besides the choice between genders you got:

7 different face designs (you can’t choose eyecolor)

6 skin colors ranging from almost white to chocolate.

11 hair styles

18 haircolors

And you got to choose your class:


Specializes in Strength and Stamina, uses Two-hand Sword or Single Handed Sword + shield.

Takes the role of Melee Damagedealer or Tank


Specializes in Intelligence and Wisdom, uses a Wand or Staff and a Book.

Takes the role of Magic Damagedealer or Healer/Support


Specializes in Strength and Dexterity, uses a rifle or twingun.

Takes the role of Ranged DD, with either spe

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