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Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Invites Giveaway

Guild Wars 2 will be hosting an extended weekend test (from 15th to 18th) for friends of Guild Wars 2 players along with their new upcoming patch The lost shores.

Since I'm one of those people and none of my other friends want to play Guild Wars 2 I decided to give three lucky people who reply in this blog post a chance to experience the game for themselves.

To have a chance to win the invite you need to post your e-mail under the comments and I will select three lucky winners who will receive their invite on that e-mail!

Good luck!

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Guild Wars 2 Forum Censorship Going Out Of Hand

Guild Wars 2, a game that looked like it will change the way MMO's are played and for some people out there regarded as the "WoW killer" is facing yet another big problem, besides a major botting issue, WvW imbalance and lack of content for maxed-out players. This time it's not on the front lines of in-game activities or game content, it's behind the scenes on the official game forum.

We all know, that every game has it's problems and is far from pleasing all the gamers that play the game to the fullest. The game forum should be the place for such players to share their opinions and thoughts with the rest, perhaps equally thinking community members.

Guild Wars 2 is one of such games, with problems in-game that need urgent developer attention and adjustment. But Guild Wars 2 is also a game where forum moderators censor most if not all negative feedback on the game forum. I agree that some sort of limitation of certain threads must be in place, but what is currently happening on

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Guild Wars 2 Black Lion Chest Rewards Video

I've been testing out the rewards given for opening the Black Lion Chest in Guild Wars 2.

The outcome was, well, surprising.

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Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Headstart Launch Problems

For many gamers out there, the 25th of August was a day marked down as the release date for Guild Wars 2, of course if you'd already purchased the game. As the day came closer and closer ArenaNet, the company behind the game hosted many stress tests to try and finalize and polish the game before the release. Everything was looking well, apart for some optimization issues which would and will probably be worked out within the next week or so.

But come release day (3 day headstart) the game seems far from ready. Currently 9 hours after official release the game is still not accessible to most of the players.

There was a patch issued but unfortunately for some connection error reasons, customers cannot download it, as the game's launcher won't connect to their servers. Patching in previous beta weekends and stress tests was flawless.

This launch day drama is nothing new to the online gaming world, where just a few months back we saw Diablo 3 have a terrible release day and a few da

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