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  Vendetta Online: Player Conquerable Station Added 

The new player conquerable station that was recently added to the space MMO Vendetta Online, has definitely added a new element of conquest and warfare into the universe. Guild Software implemented this large update initially on January 23, a day for the Vendetta Online (or “VO”) history books. This addition to the game is quite impressive considering the development team consists of only four individuals. Since it's implementation on January 23, the game has had four patches that have gone on to add new features, such as the unique manufacturing mission, to the new conquerable station. Guild software is planning on releasing even more conquerable stations in the near future throughout gray space as all bugs and balance issues are dealt with. 

The station itself can be conquered once all of its defensive turrets are destroyed. After the turrets are destroyed, the first person to dock can generate or select an owner key, which gives them control. Keys can be given out at the discretion of the first person to dock. With a station access key, the turrets will not longer fire upon you which is always a plus. The docking rights are also given with each access key. 

Since the implementation of the first player controllable station, two major sides have formed in an attempt to control the station. One side consists of a pirate confederation looking to make the station a pirate outpost while the other side is a loose coalition of anti pirate guilds looking to create a jointly controlled station. Even though these two main sides have been waging a fairly consistent war over the control of the station, a third party vying for control could easily upset the current balance. The entrance of a third party (either some form of alliance or guild) could potentially overthrow both sides and take control of the unique station. Either way, how these conquerable stations play out will remain a mystery over the next month or so. 

The recent conquerable station addition is one update to the game in a line of many consistent weekly updates that have been pushing towards Vendetta Online 2.0. Nobody is certain when VO 2.0 will be released or what will be in it, but it is certain that the game will continue to improve by leaps and bounds. Besides conquerable stations, there have been many other recent improvements worth noting. 

The developers have recently removed nationalistic turrets from some sectors in gray space. With the removal of turrets in Latos H2 and Ukari A10 it has made gray space, known for its lawlessness, even more uncontrollable and dynamic. This has lead to an increase in piracy in those sectors in which anti-pirates have been aiming to combat. 

Also, the bounty system has been re-released which allows players to shoot down other pilots who have bounties (usually for destroying NPC's and station guards) and cash in on their kills. So far there have been over 100 bounties claimed since the reintroduction period alone with the pay off usually ranging from 200,000 credits to one million credits. This has lead to the return of the bounty hunter profession. 

The game now also features occluded radar. This means that when a ship disappears behind a large asteroid or station, the ship also disappears off of player's radar. This has proven to be quire a game changer because pirates and traders alike can now fly behind large objects in order to vanish from an aggressor's radar. Pirates have also used this technique to ambush targets amongst the gray space territories. 

Racing stats for the tube races in the Sedina system have been added while the dueling rankings and stats have also been updated. The Vendetta Online website now clearly lists the fastest racers each month for the six separate tube races. The duel ranking system on the website has also been updated and now it only shows those with a ranking above 900. The website has also been updated to include new merchandise and it has also updated the guild list page. Mugs, shirts, and mouse pads (among other items) are now available for purchase. The guild list page has recently been modified so that it now only shows guilds that have had members active in the past thirty days. This has been a helpful update because it is now easier for new players to see which guilds are active and looking for recruits. 

There is also a new news post/event list that is shown upon logging into the game. This helps keep players informed about the various player organized events. It also centralizes a lot of the information concerning what is going on within the game. 

There are also a couple of minor tweaks and updates to the game that have been implemented over the past few months. The Warthog Mineral Scanner ship now includes a built in mineral scanner device with a range of 500m. Various bug fixes have also been included in recent patches with bot behavior and the border skirmish missions in Deneb receiving fixes for their minor issues. New cargo scanners have also been added which allow players the ability to scan the cargo of other nearby pilots as they traverse the universe. This in particular, is a boon to pirates, who now have the ability to scan their prey's cargo. Cargo spoofers have also been released which allows pilots to equip them and cover up the evidence of their cargo from pirate types. 

With all of these fixes, additions, and updates, its hard to picture the developer team being only four people strong. Despite Guild Software's size, the scope and functionality of the game continues to increase as Vendetta Online pushes forward. The conquerable station definitely showcases the recent improvements as well as the future improvements of the game. Although the conquerable station may be in it's early Alpha stages of development, the progression of patches over the next few weeks could really improve the station even more. Although the future of Vendetta Online Is fairly uncertain, it has definitely shown it will remain to be a bright one.

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