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Valentine's Day Loading Screen Contest

Every $10 of GoCash Game Card redemption on Ragnarok, Rose Online, Requiem, Dragon Saga, during February 1st 2012 - February 29th 2012, you will get one Special Valentine's day item!

Ragnarok- Cupid's Target:

A cute headband declaring that you are looking cupid to take aim at you!

**Prize may be picked up from code the redeemer on the following Thursday**

Dragon Saga- Valentine Gift Box (Gasha):

Randomly gives one of the following:

-Valentine Event Egg: Yields a random Pet
-Lolli Punch(30 Days)[Costume Gloves]: 5% Critical Rate
-Whipped Creme Cake Hat(30 Days)[Costume Hat]: Health +3
-Mini 30% EXP Potion Box
-Weapon Enchant Dust Box
-Reinforced Megaphone Box
-Regular Megaphone Box

**All prizes can be picked up from in-game mail on the following Thursday!**

Requiem: Memento Mori- Chan

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PvP Tournament of Dragons![Team Edition]

PvP Tournament of Dragons![Team Edition]

The Dragon Fellowship is once again looking for the best of the best to enter the: Tournament of Dragons. The September and October edition of the Tournament of Dragons had heroes facing each other in 1 on 1 battle of varying levels. This time teams of heroes will battle each other for glory and cash prizes too!!

Test your might against 15 other teams to see who the toughest Heroes on Vyvern are!

Official Rules

15 Teams of 4(1 alternate is allowed) who register on a first-come, first-served basis on the official Tournament Registration thread. All participants must have a valid Dragon Saga account and forum account all in good standing (if your WarpPortal account or your forum account is banned, you will be disqualified).


•First-Fourth round- 4
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A Call to Arms and Point Transfer Event

A Call to Arms

The Dragon Fellowship is recruiting more heroes than ever. The world of Dragon Saga is still filled with much evil, and there is no one more equipped to deal with the darkness than them. From January 18th 2012 – January 31st, training or hunting on Channel 1 will give heroes level 1-40 a greater bonus than ever before!

Channel 1 bonus for level 1-40:
• Physical/Magical Defense +100%, HP 100%, MP +100%, EXP +100%
• Upon Character Creation: 1x +10[Normal] Darksoul weapon & +10 Underground Graveyard armors Top/Bottom

Answer the Call to Arms and join the fight against the Darkness!

Begins: 1/18/2012(After Maintenance)
Ends: 2/14/2012 (Maintenance)

Point Transfer Event

For each transfer of 1000pts or more during week to receive bonus item during maintenance.

o Jan 17th – Feb 14th: (2) Box of Souls (999each)

Free items will be distributed within 5 business days of purchase!...
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Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon Saga!

Lunar New Year refers to the beginning of the year in several lunisolar calendars around the world and on many of those calendars this year marks the year of the Dragon. Many of us may not follow these calendars but that doesn't mean we can’t have a celebration. Beginning January 18th 2012-January 31st 2012, we’ll be having a Lunar New Year celebration of our own!

Find your Fortune:

Each day we’ll be giving all players over level 23 a Fortune Gasha Box! This box contains one of six fortunes but beware not all are good fortunes!

Fortunes Options:
• For My Luck - Great! EXP x1.3 (1hr)
• For My Luck - Good! Atk speed +5% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Nice! Def +10% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Not Bad! Def +10% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Bad! Move Speed -5% (1hr)
• For My Luck - Too Bad! Aim Rate -5% (1hr)

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