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Online ***** is the profitable niche of ***** on the Internet. Currently, many people spend their free time behind the screens of monitors in various entertainment projects, for instance, https://bettingcasinoslots.com/10-no-deposit-slot-bonus/ where players can start earning even without investing.

Stunning graphics exciting gameplay, are highly appealing for both children and adults. Many are willing to invest a lot of money in the development of their gaming account and getting some advantages. It is through this that *****men and gamers make money.

Three common ways of getting a profit:

1) Trading with other players selling the existing accounts for gold or raw materials.

2) Changing the raw materials for gold using the internal game market.

3) Changing raw materials or in-game currency in the domestic game market.

4) Offering services or benefits in exchange for gold or real money.

sources of income

In which games can you earn real money by selling game currency?

One of the games in which you can make money by selling game currency is Diablo 3. There is no monthly payment in it. In the game, there is a special auction where you can sell things and game currency for real money.

Practically in any game, there are some unique and rare things. Always try to get them, because with them the price can increase by 30-50%. Such things can be given out as a reward for some task or victory in the tournament. In MMORPG games they can often be dropped as a loot after defeating a strong enemy (boss), or by accomplishing special quests in some unique part of the location.

Many players earn cash in online games such as Aion, Lineage 2 due to the sale of game currency. However, it should be noted that its purchase and sale is prohibited by user agreements of these entertainment projects. Despite this, on the Internet, there are shops that conduct these operations and find ways to allow them and buyers to avoid punishment in the form of account blocking.

The more profitable source of income is considered receiving money not for in-game items or gold itself, but for pumping the game account.

Of course, there are online games where the administration pays for the game itself, but, more often than not, they are paid a penny, but pumping allows the player to earn even more real money than from any other occupation.

But such a high demand for accounts, as well as the price for them, can only be seen in such popular online games as:

  • World Of Tanks.

  • World of Warcraft.

  • Dota 2.

  • WarFace.

  • World Of Warplanes.

  • League of Legends

  • My Lands.

Where to find buyers?

If the administration of the game notices that you are trading, or it is not your only account, you will be instantly banned. Therefore, you can not advertise your ads in the game chats. You can report the sale of the account in the following ways:

One-time account

Create a "fake" account (the IP address must be different) and write about selling in a general chat. Be sure to leave your Skype or mailbox, because you will hardly be able to talk through the internal mail. Very soon the message can be deleted by moderation, so it is desirable to write as many times as you can but try not to spam much.

Forums. At an official forum, you will not be able to create such a topic, but there are a lot of usual game forums on the Internet. Find the appropriate section, and create a topic with the ad.

Here you go! You one more step closer to start earning from playing your favorite online game. Hope the information was helpful. Good luck!

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