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Battleborn’s release was highly anticipated by perhaps millions, especially by fans of the Borderlands series. I decided it was time for me to dive into the game and see what everyone’s talking about, not necessarily in a good way.

The Gearbox-developed action multiplayer MOBA slash shooter, has things that seem quite familiar, especially after having played Overwatch pretty much all June. But the usual “which came first, chicken or the egg” situation will stop me from complaining about some rather huge similarities between the two titles.

A major difference between the two competing titles is that Battleborn also brings along a Story Mode which can be either done in a solo manner, or in co-op mode with your mates, love, lover, mother or friendly neighbor. But in all honesty, I was mostly interested in the multiplayer segment of the game, as I wanted to get a clear picture of how Battleborn was doing compared to its rivals.

A few things were slightly displeasing right off the bat, for one the shockingly long matchmaking queues. But, hey, at least I had time for a Tavern Brawl, or two…

Anyways, as I finally got pitted against some similarly angered up fellas who were pissed off when they saw the slightly overdone in-game microtransactions, I quickly realized that I must have picked the wrong hero as this mushroom-headed thingy called Miko was not really doing what I intended it to do. Or perhaps I, for a short while, thought I was in another game with Zenyatta, but I have never in my life got rekt so badly within seconds of each fatal wound.

To be fair, the relatively cartoony visuals of the game are perhaps even better than those of its competitors, and some of the heroes are actually pretty badass, like Orendi, although yet again we have the issue of not knowing whether Junkrat should sue, or the other way around. But Orendi is, in fact, a rather different character from Junkrat, and with those four hands, you can expect it to deal some quite significant damage. But yet again, I got rekt, over and over again. At this point, I was already thinking that Story Mode would have been a better choice, as my confidence in Battleborn was nowhere to be found.

The various clash modes in Battleborn, such as Capture and Meltdown, are something that you will easily learn to get attuned to, especially if you are an experienced FPS/TPS gamer. All in all, I am thankful to SCDKey, for providing a copy of the game and letting me realize that I had no skills in shooters whatsoever, but at least I behaved in a tactical manner and attempted to follow my similarly clueless teammates. Stay tuned for more of my experiences with Battleborn and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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