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The full EVE Online: Retribution feature site is now live, preparing the hundreds of thousands of EVE Online players for the massive changes coming to the EVE Universe on December 4th. Following nine straight years of growth, EVE’s 18th expansion focuses on the consequences of personal choice in the single, Sci-Fi game universe.

Retribution's main features will

Open up the possibility of a new “profession” in bounty huntingallowing players to hold their enemies responsible for their actions
Simplify the interstellar law and punishment system known asCrimewatch
Rebalance all Tech I frigates, cruisers and destroyers in a massive effort that should refresh gameplay at all levels
Add a fresh and dynamic soundtrack with all new sound effects
Bring four new destroyers, a mining frigate and salvage drones into the players hands,
Overhaul combat UI and NPC AI, making them respectively more intuitive and more interesting
And a whole lot more

Check out the feature page at www.eveonline.com/retribution for a full list and description of features including in-depth developer blogs for those wishing to dig deeper.


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