Aion Goes Free to Play February 2012 for EU

By: Unfinishedx posted at Dec 15, 2011 8:45 am

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Source: http://www.aionfreetoplay.com/website/news/aion-goes-free-to-play

Awesome, just awesome, Aion has been a game I personally always wanted to test out, because of the graphics and the gameplay, but the only thing that stopped me was the fact that it was pay to play, but starting February 2012! That would no longer be a problem! Wooot! Unless EU server decides to have IP Ban ._. then I will be forever sad

New players will be able to experience all the content they have and they will have special packs that allow players to vend items and being able to collect an unlimited amount of aether and essences. While the existing players who were paying the beginning will be awarded with a Veterans Rank which does not limit them from many things compared to being a Starter Rank. Click Here and scroll down to see the difference between a Starter, Veteran and Gold Rank advantages.

Mmm Free Cant Wait!


Now the only thing left to wait for with NCSoft is Blade n Soul >]

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