Hunter Blade OBT Opens October 28th

By: Unfinishedx posted at Oct 27, 2011 10:52 pm

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Hunter Blade Online will be release for Open Beta Testing at midnight of October 28th which is in a couple of hours for me! How exciting, me and my friends have been looking forward to this day since we missed out on Cbt because of the new school year starting and what not... BUT It is OVER! Hunter Blade is finally back and has many new features!

New Features!
Source: hunterblade.beeboomonline.com/html/6/201110/25/241.shtml

1. Released game content from Lv60-70.
2. Added new bosses and instances.
3. Opened Star Instance.
4. Implemented Clan System.
5. Modified Intrusion System.
6. Introduced fantastic Werewolf Mode.
7. Brought out new weapon, Spear.
8. Increased equipment refining level to 10.
9. Launched new items in Shop.

Woo Spears! Another one of my favoriate weapons to try out! This game should be able to keep some players company with it's amazing graphics, big o' weapons, and giant monsters to own! But the downfall is that you have to be level 30 to use it... SO SAD!!


They will also be having Werewolf mode, now I have no idea what this mean but, it sounds pretty awesome, and it looks awesome too. It shal be the battle of the Humans and Werewolves! EPIC


Now I can't say much because I wasn't able to play Closed Beta but I've seen videos and they make me want to try it out and I am pretty sure many people have been waiting for this day to come as well!

So hopefully in about an hour or so, I will be seeing some of you readers in game owning and having fun, cause I know me and my friends will be!

Who will be the master of the world? Who will be the king in this mysterious ancient ground?


Unveil the answer at 0:00 28th October PDT!


Let’s witness the great moment!



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