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Eden Eternal's New Warlock Class


 New Class Introduction!

Eden Eternal continues to expand its world with it's largest content patch yet, coming this week (Tuesday night)! New areas to discover, new dungeons to challenge, new features to learn, and a level cap increase will unlock the highly anticipated Warlock class!


The Warlock class is the third unlockable class for the Magic DPS tree. This grimoire-weilding, spell casting powerhouse utilizes the power of the dark arts to devastate anything that stands in its way. Warlocks specialize in spawning parasites on their targets and manipulating them with an array of spells that damage while inducing life leach, fear, and de-buffs while enhancing their own abilities. Warlocks also have the ability to summon a pet Panopticor to do its bidding.


Here are a few s

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Eden Eternal's Blade Dancer and Shaman Classes

Eden Eternal - Blade Dancer Class

Introducing Two New Classes to Eden Eternal


Along with a level cap, new dungeons, new features, and more zones at Eden Eternal's Open Beta launch, the addition of two new higher level classes were added for players to unlock! Now every Edenite can be a Blade Dancer or a Shaman.  Below you can find a preview of both!


Blade Dancer

The third unlockable class in the melee DPS tree definitely brings the damage. Players who unlock this class can look forward to dual wielding one hand swords like never before.   The Blade Dancer specializes in doing damage to all nearby monsters, as well as bringing excellent buffs to themselves, and to their entire party. 


Here are a few sneak peaks at Blade Dancer Skills:

    Dancing Blade: At level 15, the blade dan
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Eden Eternal Developers Diary - Monster Invasion Feature

Hi Everyone -

Eden Eternal entered Open Beta late last night. Participation and player engagement continues to break company records, meaning that Eden Eternal is quickly becoming our most popular title to date.

That was quick.....

Tonight, after the conclusion of our brief Open Beta testing phase, we rolled our the in-game item mall, meaning that Eden Eternal is officially launched! No more server wipes, no more beta testing. With Open Beta came a level cap increase, new areas and dungeons and some cool new features... and hints of more awesome features coming soon!

Check out the Open Beta Preview Trailer on our YouTube Channel

We here at Aeria Games are highlighting one of these new features as the subject of this Developer Diary Entry. Check out the details of the gnary MONSTER INVASION sy

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Eden Eternal Developers Diary - Closed Beta Contests Galore!

We're now in the midst of Eden Eternal's Closed Beta Testing period and we're very proud to report that, depsite a few small hitches, Eden Eternal is performing beautifully for a larger-than-expected crowd of eager players!

Need a Closed Beta Key? Get one HERE

The Eden Eternal team suspected that Eden Eternal might draw quite the crowd when Closed Beta registrations surpassed 100,000 ...and then 150,000 sign-ups. But we never expected to open a second world for players less than 24 hours after Closed Beta began! Thanks to our passionate community of players eagerly showing support for Eden Eternal, we officially launched Emerald on June 3rd.

We here at Aeria Games love our games and we know when we're putting out something quality for the gaming community, so we're proud to see pr

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