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Saga of Hero: Advent of Moon Fairy and Moon Rabbit

The legendary Moon Fairy and Moon Rabbit has come to Saga of Hero to feel the life. Of Course they will bring our players some gifts.

Mount Exchange and Free Try

A new breed of mount will be added to the mount family in Saga of Hero: Moon Rabbit. Can a rabbit become a mount? Considering the size of normal rabbits, most players may have the doubt. But don’t worry as these rabbits are really huge in size. How to make rabbits run fast? Just give them their favorite food: Carrots. So after this maintenance, you will see huge rabbits running around to chase the carrots hanging in front of them.  This moon rabbit mount family has three members: Moon Rabbit, Super Moon Rabbit and Mythical Moon Rabbit. Do you want to be their owner? You can exchange for them with your current Mount at the NPC Moon Fairy.

If you already have the super mount Azure, and want it to be even more powerful, you can also come to the Moon Fairy to have it awakened to Divine Dragon and Mythical Divine Dragon.

There i

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Warrior of the Nemesis (Mandarin Version ) will be launched on YIpeeGame

Warrior of the Nemesis (Mandarin Version ) will be launched on YIpeeGame

On May 18th, YipeeGame is going to launch its second game at PDT 17:00 for testing-----Warrior of the Nemesis (Mandarin Version ). About Warrior of Nemesis, if you have been to YipeeGame, you may know this title. It has been on the site of YipeeGame in "coming" status ever since the launch of Saga of Hero. 

Warrior of Nemesis is another fantasy-themed MMO browser game. It is real-time based and action-packed. The background of the story is set the great of land of Atlantis. For players, there are 4 classes to choose.  

  1. Warrior  


2. Seer

3. Archer

4. Mage

For more info, you may check their forum or official site. 



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New Event Dungeon: Ancient Alien Tomb

New Event Dungeon: Ancient Alien Tomb 

An ancient Tomb has just been discovered near the Starpolis. The mysterious gate to this ancient Tomb opens during 12:00 to 13:00. It is said that great treasures have been buried in it but it seems that the Tomb has been occupied by some strange creatures. Where are these creatures from? What are the treasures here?  Come to explore it with your friends and find out the answer together. 

The Arena Keeper will guard the gate. Talk to him, he will help to get in. For safety consideration, you may need to get well prepared and enter it in team. Those creatures are not that friendly. 

 There is a good Chance for players to start their journey in Saga of hero with these multiple events. On this Friday (May 10th), a new server Heroe

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The Coolest Ethnic Trend

The Coolest Ethnic Trend

Different styles of outfits can be found in the Realm of Roch: the cute Mew Mew Cat outfit, Panda Outfit and Mashimaro outfit; the summer suit Bikini Outfit, Beach Wear Outfit and Bunny Girl Outfit etc. Which is the coolest outfit in the realm? For this week, it should be the newly added one: The Coolest Ethnic Trend, which also gives better stats as compared to other ones. 

Do you want to try in on? If yes, you can collect some materials from elite mobs and exchange for a free one from the event manager.

There is a good Chance for players to start their journey in Saga of hero with these multiple events. On this Friday (May 10th), a new server Heroes Breath was launched. Of course, join this serve, you can enjoy special new server events like bonus exp days,

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Saga of Hero: A grateful Mother's Day

Saga of Hero: A Grateful Mother's Day

Saga of Hero is an action-packed MMORPG which will introduce players into the Mysterious World: The Realm of Roch. Life here is so colorful, as every week players can experience something new. An important day for this week is the coming Mother's Day (second Sunday in May), which therefore becomes the event theme of Saga of Hero in this week.

Special Badge: Gracious Badge


 Gracious badges can be used to exchange for Ares Suit or special and powerful titles as following.

Special Titles:The Apple of Mother’ Eye

                     The Baby Has Grown UP

These special buffs give good improvement to player’s stats and players can gain more Exp with them.

Special Buff:  You Raise Me UP

By killing elite mobs, players can collect separated words “You”,”Rise”,”Me”, “UP”. With enough number of them, players can redee

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Mythical Hammer of the Forge Lord

Mythical Hammer of the Forge Lord

To strengthen the justice force, the mythical beast  Kirin has come to help players to forge powerful weapons. 

This is a special event for International Worker's day and  in order to get the weapon, you need to do some work.During the event time,characters lvl 40+ can enter the event dungeon The Forlorn Mineonce per day at the Arena Keeper to collect materials and  forge a mythical weapon(1day) at npc-Kirin.

Check the stats. Not bad :)

Need character lv1
All attributes+20
Character EXP+25%

Wow,, EXP +25%.... Nice choice for Grinding.

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Cute Mew Mew Cat Outfit

Cute Mew Mew Cat  Outfit (>^ω^<)

Cat is among the most popular pets in the world. Their cute appearance has attracted many people. In Saga of Hero, some big cats will come.

You could be one of these big cats.

Check my tail.

I like the bell.

Mew Mew Mew ~~~

Soon, you will see running Pink Cats and Black Cats in Saga of Hero. And these cats may be  riding on tortoises, horses, tigers, dragons or even Kirins . WOW That will be interesting.



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Trace of the Ancient Mount: Kirin

Trace of the Ancient Mount: Kirin

In the Realm of Roch, two mythical dungeons have just been discovered, in which lives an ancient powerful animal Kirin.

Kirin, considered as the mount of god, is a merciful and auspicious animal.  It is famous for its devotion to master, and the luckiness and treasures it brings.

Nice to meet you!

Am I Shinning?

I am Powerful!

I can also be cute ^^

If you see Kirin, it means  there are treasures nearby. Enter the two dungeons , you will surely get something. If you have chance to come the Starpolis in the Realm of Roch, you shall talk to the Kirin (this NPC will be set after the miantainance on April 26th). There is a surprise for you.


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Spring Outing

Spring Outing

Spring is a lifeful season. It’s a good time to enjoy the beauty of nature.  How about have a spring outing in Saga of Hero?

On maps near Starpolis, players can find nice positions for playing swing, watching rainbow, doing fishing and having picnics. Attending these activities, players will get rewarded. While enjoying the spring outing, players shall be careful. The undead hate all beautiful things in the world, so they will surely make their evil plan to destroy our smile and happiness. Of course, we will never give in to them.

Activity 1  Play Swing and Watch Rainbow

Everything here is beautiful ^^ .................except this ugly boss :(

Pay attention to flower and grass....Hmm, it is a little bit weird.囧囧

Activity 2 Fish and Picnic

Hmm, the rice and f

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Flying Penguins in Saga of Hero

Have you ever seen flying penguins ?

Today, i saw several in Saga of Hero. They are really naughty or bad tempered :(

what? Isn't this Demonic Sovereign????  So this is a demonic sovereign that named as flying penguin...

"Defeat it or get defeated for 10 times will get a special gift". Hmm, i like  gifts, so i will have a try.

The result  is death -.-  . Check the damage ....how many digits...i can't read it.

Defeat it? Our only choice is to get defeated....lol

April fool's day...

Finally the blood killing is ended.. i can get my gift now:)

This lady is really kind. Every week , i can get something from her^^

 Thanks to the flying penguin, i can fly now.

WoW, so many flying heroes here >>.<<

Happy fools day to all.

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