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Marvel Heroes Revisited Review (Post Moon Knight Patch)

So I decided to take a look at Marvel Heroes once again after they had the major 2.0 changes because of all the changes they had since the release. It is a vast improvement from the original game. They changed the starting characters and provided for a faster way of reaching level 60, the current cap.


The story is narrated from some stills (minor animations/movements, but it's not like a cartoon). It starts off with a couple of robberies, but it is all about Dr. Doom trying to collect various artifacts, including the Cosmic Cube, so that he can empower himself. Uatu fails to stop Dr. Doom and Dr. Doom uses Hydra to set his insane multi layered plan into motion. Sadly, you spend the most of the game being led around on a wild chase against random people and it feels like it is trying to tell several unrelated stories at the same time.


For a free to play game, the art looks really good. I dislike the old style of Marvel art that is used in each chara

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League of Legends ARAM Guide - Dr. Mundo

This is the first of my ARAM guides. I plan to write one for the other champions that I consider to be overpowered at some point when I have time. The next champion I will probably do is Teemo.

Dr. Mundo is one of the strongest possible champions that you can get in ARAM and he only costs 1350 Influence Points (IP). Remember that while it is impossible to guarantee specific champions, you can manipulate the chances by buying only specific champions that are overpowered in ARAM. One of these champions is Dr. Mundo. When I have time, I will work on guides for the other champions.

Remember that wards, lenses, and several items are not available in the Howling Abyss.

The primary role of Dr. Mundo in ARAM is to be a tank and a nuisance for the other team. He is also one of the few champions

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Closed Beta Review

Hearthstone is a free to play card game created by the guys at Blizzard. The cards in the game are based on characters from the Warcraft universe and for some reason, the artwork reminds me of Magic: The Gathering. While Hearthstone seems like an interesting game, it takes a while to get started due to how new cards are obtained. Currently, the game does not have a lot of cards, but that can easily change.


N/A - It is a card game. There is lore behind some of the characters, but unless you are a fan of Warcraft, you will not really know much. An example is Illidan Stormrage, the boss of the tutorial. He is a major character in the Warcraft games and I believe a boss raid in World of Warcraft, but to the average player, who cares?


The artwork looks really nice and the effects are simple, but they get the job done. A lot of characters greatly resemble the old style of graphics from World of Warcraft. It still looks good and spells have unique animatio

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League of Legends ARAM Guide (Part 2: Item Builds)

The overall ARAM guide is broken into several parts. The first part focused on preferred champions and what you should do. This part is going to be about item builds for some of the different "roles" that champions can fill in ARAM. I might get into champion specifics if i have additional time.

Essentially, there are three types of champions for ARAM: Attack Damage, Ability Power, and Tank. You either output super heavy damage or run interference as a tank. Some people think that tanks are useless in ARAM, but if the game lasts for more than 15 minutes, tanks start becoming more important. It is at least better to have some sort of defense to prevent yourself from being instantly killed and some kind of HP regeneration so you can deal with a poke team.

Item builds can also be coordinated to help the team. If your entire team can agree on something like this, then your team will be much stronger. Always make sure that you at least have 1 person who can fall into

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