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Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Review

So since I was writing that Duel Arena review, I figured I might as well do Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM as well. BAM was designed to be played on Facebook and players use a much smaller 15 card deck rather than the standard 40 card deck. Nearly all monsters can be played normally and they have rules and effects that are different from the standard cards. Trap cards and synchro cards are practically nonexistent and fusion cards are just about playing the right monster combinations. It was meant to be a simplified version of the game, but ultimately became a game that is unbalanced and broken. I might try Alteil next.


The game attempts to tell a story through various chapters, but they mean absolutely nothing except it is the boss character of the map constantly challenging you with a better dec

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena Review

Game can be found here:


I have been playing mostly Swordsman Online when I have time, but it took me nearly 3 days to make it to level 20 for the class change due to the limited time I have to play it. In the mean time, I have played a little of a new version of Yu-Gi-Oh online. In my never ending quest for a decent online trading card game, I have stumbled upon Konami's latest attempts to make an online version of the game for the PC. In my opinion, this is far better than their attempts to release it on a portable system. The problem with the PC versions is that it is ultimately still based on a flawed system. No matter how good the rest of the game is, a broken system means a broken game. Even in this latest version, they still have

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Review

I've been disappointed with the recent releases of games, so I decided to get the Diablo 3 expansion. I finally had some time to get around to farming a bit after getting all of my characters to level 70. I really like the action RPG style, but I dislike the fact that they made Diablo 3 much more focused on single player by removing most trade features in the game. Smart loot also makes it difficult to obtain items that you can trade to each class due to the game's heavy emphasis on primary stats. Some of the new features can be accessed without Reaper of Souls, but a majority of it requires the expansion since it is restricted to level 61 and up characters. I will primarily focus on all the changes from the original including the major 2.0 patch stuff.


Some time after the end of Diablo 3, the Archangel of Wisdom, Malthael becomes the Angel of Death and decides to use the Black Soulstone to try to kill every demon (including humans who are part angel and part demons)&n

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Marvel Heroes Revisited Review (Post Moon Knight Patch)

So I decided to take a look at Marvel Heroes once again after they had the major 2.0 changes because of all the changes they had since the release. It is a vast improvement from the original game. They changed the starting characters and provided for a faster way of reaching level 60, the current cap.


The story is narrated from some stills (minor animations/movements, but it's not like a cartoon). It starts off with a couple of robberies, but it is all about Dr. Doom trying to collect various artifacts, including the Cosmic Cube, so that he can empower himself. Uatu fails to stop Dr. Doom and Dr. Doom uses Hydra to set his insane multi layered plan into motion. Sadly, you spend the most of the game being led around on a wild chase against random people and it feels like it is trying to tell several unrelated stories at the same time.


For a free to play game, the art looks really good. I dislike the old style of Marvel art that is used in each chara

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