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Third time’s a charm, unless you’re SK Telecom T1, and you’ve successfully won your third World Championship! Each one of these skins honors a player (with a ward for their coach!) of SKT T1, the 2016 World Champions!

Recall Reference

Olaf - Bengi - 1350 RP

New model and texture - Enter battle with your godly armor and crystal-bladed axes.
New VFX - Crash down lightning upon your foes!
New recall animation - DEFEAT?! Olaf unleashes his rage!

Zac - Blank - 1350 RP

New model and texture - Crimson goo and golden armor.
New VFX - Dignified reds.
New recall animation - Zac eats his own blobs. Delicious!

Syndra - Faker - 1350 RP

New model and texture - Frosty, yet sophisticated.
New VFX - Royal blues and golds - fit for League royalty.
New recall animation - Syndra proudly displays the SKT logo, as one more championship slips under their belts!

Ekko - Duke - 1350 RP

New model and texture - Shining armor and maroon gems.
New VFX - Flashes of pale gold and emblazoned SKT emblems.
New recall animation - Ekko high-fives his own time echoes and they jump back to base in unison!

Jhin - Bang -1350 RP

New model and texture - SKT on his cape and golden guns to match his crown.
New VFX - Sprout golden wings before finishing off enemies with crimson crystals.
New recall animation - Jhin breaks out some bangin’ dance moves!

Nami - Wolf - 1350 RP

New model and texture - A colorful fish, adorned in SKT-style armor!
New VFX - Full of vibrant golds and of course, her signature water and waves!
New recall animation - She may be served up as sushi, but you won’t catch Wolf dead on the Rift.

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