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Topic IndexU.S. Army Seeks To Test Virtual Soldier A.I. in WoW

The future is starting to look a heck of a lot scarier. Hasn't anyone seen Terminator?

Reportedly, the U.S. Army is branching out to embrace research into more paranormal aspects of military technology. As part of this unusual initiative, the military hopes to test realistic holographic soldiers in online MMOGs like World of Warcraft and Eve Online, according to the online defense journal DoD Buzz.

Among other strange experiments, the army is working on perfecting extremely realistic computer-generated entities that think, emote, and respond to human interaction of their own accord, says Dr. John Parmentola, director of research and laboratory management with the U.S. Army's science and technology office. He said these holographic 3D soldiers could be used for military training simulations and war games. To test the realistic nature of these A.I. soldiers, the army wants to unleash them into World of Warcraft to see how they interact with players.

"I actually interact with virtual humans in terms of asking them questions and they're responding," said Parmentola. "We want to use the massively multi-player online game as an experimental laboratory to see if they're go

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Back from Noburo Uematsu--Press Start Game Concert 2008


Act I

1. Monster Hunter P2 (PSP)

This was my first time being in a Game Concert, couldn't hold back my tears ToT, I've been playing MHP for over 1k hours.

2. Rockman (Consoles)

Never played much of this game series, but the music was nice for sure.

3. Doctor Laiton and His Mysterious Town (Translated) (Unknown)


4. Samurai Spirits (Consoles)

Played by a Japanese Traditional Instrument: Shamisen, if you've ever played Samurai Spirits, maybe you can remember the first part of the opening music, that's played by Shamisen too. This one was amazing.

5. Ninja Warriors (Unknown)

Same as 4, played by Shamisen.

6. Early works by Noburo Uematsu (FC & SFC)

Really a Noburo style lol

7. Zone of the Enders 2- Anubis (PS2)

They got the original singer Maki Kimura to sing this song, was getting pretty high lol.

8. Isu I&II (Unknown)

Um... Music was really nice, but I didn't play this game.

9. Sonic (Sega MD)

The music which explains speed!

Art II

1. Wild Arms ( Playstation)

Whistles & Guitars~

2. Spelunker (Unknown)


3. Shadow of Colossus (PS2)

Hell this game is one of my favorite games on PS2, sounds like a Holywood movie.

4.ICO - You Were there. (PS3)

Sung by Kimura Aki, one of  my

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World Of PeaceCraft Coming In December?

The Click Heard Round the World blog, which claims to have contacts with "a number of Quaker institutions," is reporting that the new game based on the Quaker faith will be launched in December. But the game will also offer something for people of other faiths, according to CEO Thad Thomas, who said, "Whether you are a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew or just a curious agnostic, you will find much to do and enjoy in World of PeaceCraft."



"The Quaker United Service is pleased to announce the beta-release of the new MMORPG World of PeaceCraft, the first massive online game for a Christian religious denomination," a draft press release for the game says. "Full of fun quests and adventures, the WoP will extend traditional Quaker values and historic testimonies -- such as their work to end the slave trade, protesting against war, and worshiping in silence -- into an immersive, 3D environment."

The game will apparently begin in 17th century England during the time of Quaker founder George Fox, and from there move to the early 1800s and beyond, with quests involving women's suffrage, the civil rights movement and even current Quaker protests against war a

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FINAL FANTASY XI 14-Day Free Trial Available

The "FINAL FANTASY XI 14-Day Free Trial" is Available for download exclusively through File Planet, the new release features the award-winning FINAL FANTASY XI, along with 3 content IDs with which to create characters, that is free to play for 14 days without the need of a credit card! This is the perfect opportunity to get your friends and family to test the waters of Vana'diel alongside you!

Click here to download the FINAL FANTASY XI 14-Day Free Trial!

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Sony Commits Future MMOs to Consoles

"It's been a new experience for us because - well, we've done one console MMO," stated Smedley on Sony's previous massively-multiplayer online game. "We're actually one of two companies in the world that's ever done a console MMO. We had EverQuest Online Adventures for the PS2 - still operating. It and Final Fantasy XI are the only actual MMOs."

Sony looks to be pushing into the Blizzard-dominated, PC-centric market of MMOs by trying to convert console gamers into more dedicated players who might be willing pay for subscriptions or, better yet, micro-transactions for free games like Sony's Free Realm coming in six months.

"We introduced a trading card game to our EverQuest and EQ2 players and they got the idea of microtransactions very quickly," explained Smedley. "We put it in there in a way that wasn't harmful to gameplay and it actually gave them a benefit, so that's how we're going to convert existing players. Getting a console player to pay for a subscription, I think that's an interesting question."

With the underlying technology in place to allow for simultaneous console and PC launches, SOE believes it will "introduce a lo

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The Vana'diel Restaurant

It's my friend's, we've been playing Final Fantasy XI together for 2 years. Although we eventually left the game, FFXI is still our favorite MMORPG.
Now he's a boss of this restaurant, with the name -- "Vana'diel".

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Age of Conan Penalizes Female Characters

It turns out that girls really are the weaker sex, at least in the new MMOG Age of Conan, which is the target of complaints that female characters in the game inflict less damage over time than their male counterparts.

The complaints originated following a review of the game by YouGamers, which said the game's weapon swing time is dependent on the duration of the swing animation during combat. "Female characters swing their weapons about 25 percent slower than males," the review said, "so every female melee character does 25 percent less damage over time!"

Players looking into the claim have reported different results, but an article on Massively.com states that the "general consensus" on the Age of Conan forums is that female characters are in fact attacking more slowly, resulting in a lower damage per second rating. Response to the player investigations has been unsurprising: "Some players express satisfaction at this discrepancy and make tiresomely predictable sexist comments," the article said. "Several female players react with frustration and anger. Maturity plummets, even by stereotypical MMOG forum standards. Threads

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Square Enix Proposes Tecmo Takeover

Square Enix has announced its intention to launch a friendly takeover bid for troubled Japanese videogame company Tecmo.

The company submitted a proposal for the takeover to the Tecmo board of directors today, seeking their consent for the takeover bid. The conditions of the proposal must be consented to by September 4, and should the Tecmo board fail to respond or not give consent by that date, the planned friendly takeover as outlined in the proposal will not take place.

"Videogames have been globally recognized as a major entertainment genre, and have now become an industry receiving considerable attention in terms of market size and growth potential. In the meantime, the game industry in Japan is standing at a critical juncture whether it continues to be a center of the videogame industry in the world, or not," Square Enix said in a statement.

But citing the recent, well-cataloged troubles at Tecmo as a major factor in the decision to offer the acquisition, the statement continued, "Tecmo is a group of excellent creators with proven track-record in the global market, which is a precious human resource of Japan. We, however, cannot be optimistic about the future of t

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David Perry:

Acclaim boss David Perry has said that Sony will not be able to make a decent profit on sales of the PlayStation 3 due to selling the system at a loss.

During his keynote speech at GCDC yesterday, the outspoken games developer claimed that the company has lost more money on the PlayStation 3 than it made during the five year peak sales period of the PlayStation 2.

"Because of the cost of making the PlayStation 3 and because they sold it at a loss, Sony basically has pretty much no chance of making money on the PS3, because it's lost more money than they made during the entire peak of the PlayStation 2 - it's not going to happen again for Sony,” stated Perry.

"If they release the PlayStation 4 and have an even more expensive console and raise the cost of games by ten dollars, that would not be good," he added.

Perry suggested that Sony's much talked about ten-year plan for the PlayStation 3 is the company's chance to claw back costs of development in the long-term.

"So this is going to force them to make the PS3 last longer and they're kind of positioning to do that," he said.

Source: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/perry-sony-has-no-chance-of-mak

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Dekaron Action 4 Available Soon on EU Server


Congratulations to all the EU Dekaron players, you have a great chance to enjoy the next English version expansion of Dekaron earlier than in 2Moons.

MMOsite just got a official news from Gametribe:

Action 4 Content Update set to go live completely FREE



Gametribe are pleased to announce that their Premier Free-to-Play Action-based MMORPG Dekaron will be receiving its first major content update in the form of the brand-new, FREE Add-OnAction 4: The  Expedition. Due to go live in September, Action 4: The Expedition adds a huge amount of FREE new  content to the game.


New features and content in Action 4: The Expedition includes:


    2 all new dungeons - high level  12+ party dungeons Brand new Party System- The Expedition (18 players raids)Party versus Party Battle System - Gamble it all in our new Battle ArenasItem Enchantment system - Improve your chances of upgrading your armor setsBrand new Skills - All new skills for Segnale, Bagi Warrior and Vicious Summoner charactersAll new Potions - New bigger and better potions 2 amazing new Pets - Demi and Kittay


"We're excited to be releasing Action 4 to the Dekaron fans"

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