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F2P as the future of MMORPG

Free to play games have taken a huge part of the MMORPG market the past decade. In fact, most games that are published either goes straight to F2P, or change from P2P to F2P due to lack of subscribers. It is a though market to succeed in, especially if you take subscription fees upon release. The most successful P2P games, such as WoW and Eve Online are game that was pioneers within its field, or that gives you something original that is hard to get to such quality elsewhere. Eve has its vast map and slightly more realistic game play (you can't actually cross the whole world in 5 minutes), whilst Wow was amongst the first successful MMORPG of its time, and managed to develop into what it is today with a massive fan base willing to pay on a monthly basis. 

However, it is said that it is more expensive to play F2P games than any other games. This is due to the fact that F2P games survives on the 1-10% of the average player that pays for the premium services offered. The best e...
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