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Answers To Your Questions About The Future Of Elsword

Back in October, Siliconera readers were asked by KOG Studios, the creator of Elsword, what they would want from the MMORPG going into the future.

Specifically, the questions asked were “What would you like to see in a new Elsword character?” and “What do you think is currently missing from Elsword?”

There were plenty of responses and KOG was able to go over many of them and provide answers which is what you can read below.

Does KOG have any plans to create a PvE / dungeon environment that allows Elsword  players to play dungeons on a larger scale (eight players taking on a longer dungeon)?

We currently have nothing planned, but we understand that playing Elsword with other gamers is a very important aspect of the game. That is why we are releasing the Perkisas (Raid Content) update with the winter update.

Just to give you a brief sneak peak, the story is like this: Long ago, many holy beasts were spread around the continent by the giant El. Some holy beasts protected the land, but oth

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The Future Of Elsword

Just to give you a sneak preview of the coming update: There will be visual updates to all characters, Skill Tree updates, skill renewals (including effects), we’ll be removing Skill Notes, trait improvements and much more. Players will no longer be forced to select one of two available skills at different points on the Skill Tree, and players will no longer need to distribute Skill Points. For individual characters, as they’re leveled up, the skills become available at the respective level; at max level! We truly hope Elsword players will enjoy the upcoming changes, but they’ll have to keep playing Elsword to watch it unfold in the winter update!

Why does KOG not allow knockdown resets and mana break options for all characters as a means of escape? Though PvE has its own game experience (different from PvP), certain characters shouldn’t have the skills that do not allow Mana Break and Knock Down resets.

Each Elsword character possesses their own unique control elemen

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Elsword Releases Lanox Finale

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, has announced the launch of the final chapter to the demonic epic known as Lanox forElsword. The larger-than-life conclusion to the Lanox adventure is about to unfold. The final Dungeons and Fields are home to some of the toughest encounters Elsword players have ever seen, and for good reason.


So, put Pesop’s Paper Bag on your head (I’m not kidding) and prepare for the close of the incendiary nail-biter story-arc that has driven many of the Elsword characters to the breaking point! Some have come for vengeance, others to quell the ultimate evil, and “they” came to reclaim her birthright. Regardless of the motives, the heroes of Elrios are being driven by one common, impossible goal: To bring the fight to hell’s doorstep. Not only will players face off against seemingly impossible odds, they’ll get another shot at Ignia, the El Fire Priestess who betrayed and thrust them, unexpectedly into the gapi

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World of Warcraft Gold Worth More Than Some Real-Life Currencies

Are you farming World of Warcraft gold? You might be (relatively) wealthy.

World of Warcraft gold has been a market in itself. In past expansions, gold selling sites would take to creative ways to advertise their websites. One such method was to have floating level 1 characters spell out the URL to gold selling sites. These sites would use hacked World of Warcraft accounts to advertise these services. Thankfully, there are now various ways and means for players to block and report these individuals from ruining the game experience.

World of Warcraft gold worth more than Venezuelan bolivar

World of Warcraft gold is so valuable that it is even worth more than the currencies of entire countries. One of these countries, Venezuela, has been experiencing massive inflation in recent years. One dollar is worth about 10,000 World of Warcraft gold, while one dollar is worth almost 70,000 bolivares. This is based on the black market rate, namely because the country is currently in political and econ

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