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My Future Elemental Lord Skill Builds (Lv50)

As promised, I am here showing you what my Lv50 build will be from my current skill build. As you know, my build prioritizes on PvP so this developed Lv50 build also focuses on PvP. I will also show you some possible PvP builds that I may be testing out if I were to use my current unused skill reset.

Furthermore, I will now show other possible skill builds at Lv50 that focus on PvE since I have been showing lots of PvP skill builds.

My Future PvP Skill Build v1

My skills preferences on the Sorceress tree has been pretty much explained. If you have not read it, please go to http://dragonnestblog.com/2012/02/04/my-current-elemental-lord-skill-build/#more-1730. and/or http://dragonnestblog.com/2011/09/12/elemental-lord-in-depth-pvp-guide/#more-947. I have provided m

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My Current Elemental Lord Skill Build

I know some of you have requested for my EL skill build on some comments. I have actually posted it on one comments but I can't find it too =D

So I am here to show my current build and provide some explanations. On my next new post, I'll show you how my build will develop into a lv50 build, and some other builds I may be testing on. Furthermore, due to a future dual talent update, I will also show what are the two possible builds I will use with this system.



Poison Missile vs Glacial Spike

A very common question. For pvp, Glacial Spike is often used as a distraction, a disturbance, or even a combo chainer (even though there are not many combos to chain with it). You're lucky if you manage to score a lucky freeze. But for Poison Missile, apart from distracting and

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Dragon Nest Elemental Lord Ice Stacking Effect

Hi guys. I am sure some of you may have heard of this term “Ice Stacking”, but do you guys actually know what it is all about, and how to do this effectively? I know some of you played other versions of DN before, and may have seen some articles on this. You guys may thought this has been “fixed” by the developers. But you know what? I just tested it out this morning and here’s the result in a video format.

Base non crit damage of Poison Missile = 122 – 128 per hit

After 1 layer of ice = 184 – 187 per hit (~50% increased damage)

After 2 layers of ice = 245 – 248 per hit (~100% increased damage)

The damage shown may not be an exact figure after you used the formula, but you get the idea. The damage amplification is Number of Ice Layers X 50%.

Note that the ice I’m talking about does n

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Guide on Bowmaster/Sharpshooter Skill Build

 Welcome to the Guide on Bowmaster/Sharpshooter Skill Build!

This would be a general Hybrid skill build for all Magic Bowmasters. As this picture below shows what skills I would add in my opinion, I have used up all the Skill Points available. Nonetheless, I would explain all the arguable skills in the discussion.

Physical skills tend to have longer cooldown time, while Magic skills have shorter cooldown time.

Even though the Revolutionary Ballista (Magic Lv40 skill) is being added and Extension Arrow is being levelled high in this skill build, you can add the Pinpoint Shot (Physical Lv40 skill) and level Charged Shot high  if you intend to go the Physical build.

For pure Physical or Magic builds, the other type of skill tree will be ignored to focus on dealing a high pure

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