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I have been playing MMORPGS for some time. Perhaps you have as well, or you are new in the MMORPG community. Either way, you have or you will run into the social aspect of this interesting world. One encounter you may come across is the Game Master interaction. I have had some interesting encounters and here is my article on some good, and bad, interactions.

It started in World of Warcraft (Vanilla and WoLK) for me. The idea of a GM was that he was god like. He somehow lurked behind the shadows watching our chat, and helped out poor souls in need. Why did we think this? Because there were replies instantly in general chat for questions given. Heck, I even had general questions only to have a pink text whisper: “[GM]” How can I help you?”

So I knew they were there. We can see them physically in game with god armor. We hear of them banning for bad chat. Aiding in recovring lost items, and doing other game tasks. So this sort of god like prescence was around us.
One of my favorite momments in WoW was when our guild leader was running a guild an after downing a few bosses there were some doors that did not open up right away. We discussed what to do in Vent. Hesitated, and the leader said: “Ok all, just hang on, I will open a ticket now and start asking in General”…We all sat there, waiting…watching our idle stances in the dungeon shuffle around, or a few others spamming the space bar…Then a few of us started poking fun in Guild Chat abdout the leader: “Dear GM, my name is X, of guild X, we fukz uped”… LOL! Every one starts laughing…the GM tells us to hold on…and poof! He was able to negotaite in a whisper that our dungeon key will be reimbursed, we have to all port out, and the dungeon is bugged and will be fixed in a down time patch.

Nice! We seemed to always have instant reponses. However I Do notice that having a god like presence also creates a sort of collective fear. That is a psychological reaction. If we know some one is looking over our shoulder we will act differently. If we are drawing a picture, we will refrain our mind from drawing certain images or drawing a certain way if we know one is watching. It affects creativity and behavior. If some one is not looking, we let loose a little and get crative and test the limits of our designs. This is the bad in World of Warcraft at this time. I would refrain so much self expression in general chat.. I also felt like I could not interact with other players a certain way. For example, a player told me in a “professional” whisper that I “do not have the correct armor stats for my class. Learn to play’. It was an insult. I simply replied, “Leave me alone noob”. In which he responded “Reported”. Whatever. I block him and carry on. Day later my e-mail tells me I do indeed have a warning for harassement. It has a screen shot of my chat dialog! But of course, the guy that started it, his chat history is not included. I feared the banning of my account so I never spoke to other players again. I just spoke in guild. These are the kind of things heavy GM interaction can change our behavior and dull down a game. What do you think about GM's being able to handle guild crisis? When I played Forsaken World, a sub Guild Leader stole all our resources, gold, items, and banned all players from the guild and then quit the guild locking out the guilds password and destroying the guild website. We knew PWE GM's were inactive and would not ban this player in game. I thought to myself, "If this was WoW in the old days, a GM would look at the chat log, and activity and attack this horrible player"...

In other games I loved the GM standing in the middle of a village and the big crowd gathering around pushing him to start an event. So, ok, he starts! He brings us out into a field and starts spawning mobs everywhere! Weee!  But then he decides to do a “fight the GM” event and slaughters every one… Knowing he is invinicible we only attack to see how much we can dent his armor… At this point it took the fun out and I left. I have heard of GM’s banning people if they do end up killing them or beating them in their own events/ games…Has this happened to you? It has not happened to me but I have heard of it.

I also remember GM relations when I was playing Perfect World Malaysia back in the day. With out them helping, debugging, and policing the exploit sites, we would not have owned all the PvP territory. It took a presence bigger than all the games bugs and hackers to assist an honoest guild….But one day they all jumped ship…and we say a huge influx of gold spammers, exploits, and slow to no updates and no feed back…So my entire guild of over 5 years left their high level characters. Reason? Lack of GM presence. Things may be different for the better there now, but back a few years ago…ghost town.

One of my worst experiences is a GM in French Allods. The GM’s are called MJ or Maitre de jeu or Masters of game, literal translation. So, I first noticed that there was a GM VERY active in the forums [MJ]Rhiorm. He seemed to respond to every thread. From “Is this game fun?” questions to “Please help account revovery” topics… At first that seemed cool because that showed the game was not “dead”…But then it got too wierd. He seemed to put his opinion in EVERY topic and SHUT them down and lock them if he did not like how it was going. The last straw for me was when some one casually brought up: “Please help, this part of the map is bugged. Will we be seeing a patch in the future?” He responded “Listen people! I need sleep you know! I am here working all the time and wan only log in on the noon in the weekends! You need to understand I can not do every thing! This thread will be closed to precent further damage”. WOAH! Some one is a litle grumpy! He always ended “this thread will be closed due to:…” in his responses and locked them. The forums were very quiet and people were forced to only promote the game and speak “nice”. Lots of things hidden. I went to the US Allods Forum and there, in the forums was the SAME topic by a player: “I noticed this bug, are we going to get a fix”. There was also a GM response, but the GM was COOL! He said: “Aw man, that bug sucks and sadly there is nothing we can do. We have to send a report to Dev team and wait a response. In the mean time please keep track of any other problems you encounter”. And he let us continue to talk abou it… Same game. Same company…Different GM’s.
I started a thread in FR that “I will not stand for this behavior and want to report to Gpotato.” I also said that the GM should respond more professionally like theUSguy did. This lead that mean MJ to ban my account for 30 days. I tried contacing Gpotato, but of course the ticket has to go through the MJ first so it never worked.

Check this out, here is the proof. I know if you can’t read French it is ok, just look at this:

This is the forum link. Look to the FAR RIGHT. It shows the last person to respond to a thread. Notice it is ONLY the GM! (MJ) to have the last word. And click in a thread, he responds almost 2 or more times in the arguments. A little lock sign before the thread = he blocked it. SOOO bad! He is the utimate GM troll:


Now look at US NO GM! (Piopico a well known GM)

THAT is a great example between the trolling GM and the Cool and casual GM. I personally uninstalled the EU version of Allods because this GM made me so mad. You were crushed in forums and crushed in game. It just was not worth it. US is better.

On an interesting note I have noticed in Perfect World threads and some Aeria game threads these wanna be GM’s. This is a horrible monster that is a player that has been playing so long they are bored and have decided to call themselves the “unoficial GM” it is in their Forum name tag…Then they abrieviate it and it looks like “UGM” or “GM (unofficial)” In big red blaring text. They reply to topics usually with great info for those with questions. But they pepper their oppinion heavily. For example: “Hi, I am new, what is a good class to start”. Then the FIRST response by this bored forum troll arrives, Her namer tag is FULL RED like an official GM, and she tweaks her name and tag to look like a GM and responds: “You can try all the classes, but you should really play warrior on the X server, because they need them”….. What? Get lost fake GM! They love power control and there is probably a reason they were not picked as a GM…pssst. They are creazy power control freaks! They want every aspect of the game to go their way and since it doesn’t they name themselves the “unofficial” GM”s…I think these should be banned.

Well, that is it. I have heard other rumors about GM behavior, both EXCELLENT and BAD. What has been your experience? Anything out of the unusual?


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