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Hello all my MMOSITE readers, welcome to my Aura Kingdom review levels 15 – 30. Previously I covered this title upon Open Beta up to the first 15 levels. A lot has changed since my last look, and some things rest the same. Overall, I am enjoying my re-vist of this anime mmorpg title. Wihtout further delay, hereis my review :

Introduction :

In my last REVIEW I was pretty tough on the game, but it well deserved it. It was frustrating to navigate and left with a very “bot filled cheap game” start. So why have I returned? Well, I have had some people asking me to look over it as it has “gotten better” they said. I also had the Aeria game client install to prepare for Echo of Souls. So I figured “why not?” I am also in the mood for “calmer” mmorpgs since I am only playing a MOBA at the moment (with TROVE on the back burner).

(People still playing this. Always had help and groups for dungeons)

Getting back in the game I immediately saw the same things I complained about in my old review. The UI was ridiculously over sized and I toned it down in the option settings. However, there were some things like A LOT LESS BOTS! In my first review I was surrounded by rouge bots and players. This time, my Bard was surrounded by a balance of a decent population with a goo dbalance of different classes running around. There are different channels to hop in and out if I feel my mobs are being farmed.
The text in the text boxes are better aligned and I could read in full what I was doing.

(Leveling up and more free bag space)

Other things I complained about got a lot of attention. Fore example, in my old review I complained it was frustrating to have all the weapons displayed as weapons “to pick” even though your class can just use one. Now, they updated the game so that all the weapons are there as “rewards” but all are dimmed out and only your class weapons is shiny and clickable. So the put the polish in the game. But not everywhere. The Chat bugs out some times, there are a LOT OF dead dialog boxes where they edited out text and a lot of un translated items left in computer language…A LOT! It does feel cheap, but it is a HUGE improvement since last I played and it all works smooth…Except that one time I finished a 30 min board quest, and before I could get my reward the game spawned an exit portal on my head and I was teleported out and had to redo it all…but those are just odd and rare occurrences that are situational (had I been standing in a different place it would not have happened).

(rewards can be 3 day cosmetic items)

Since I will be skipping character creation, it is key to note a new class that uses a scythe has been added and there are more classes to possibly come down the pipelines as X-legend updates it’s game here in the West.

So without further wait, let’s get to the goods:

(Gold baby!)

Game Play:

In my last review I complained the quests were too easy and too silly, like “equip your sword” and you don’t even have to manually do it, you just clicked sword” on the quest text and it does it for you…It still is like that early on, but if you stick with the game to get past the hand holding parts in the first 15 levels, the game does open up more. I was surprised to find my quest book is now filled with daily quests, good amount of side quests, and a nice principal main story quest. Also, there are “Board” quests. All of these give different kinds of USEFUL rewards. Mix in the dungeons and the game is a very complete and solid game up through 30 levels so far!

So the quantity is there, but what is the quality? Well…it is FUN! Starting with the main quest, you go from village to village and often start by talking and getting to know the locals. They ask you to do a “trust me” mission like “go collect or kill X”. Then they confide in you their real problems. A goblin clan…pirates…etc etc.. some pretty staple mmorpg lore stuff. Nothing ground breaking, but the rhythm and progression that you build up to the boss before leaving the village is cool. It makes me curious what the next step in my progress will have to offer! The boss fights are can be either open world kills or most cases, you get teleported into a instanced STORY ZONE! THS IS AWESOME and Guild Wars 2 is the only other game that plays out like this. TERA flirts with it, but doesn’t use it a lot. In Aura Kingdom, these instanced zoned story parts get creative and have you do different things, either disguising one self asking uestions, avoiding traps, planting bombs, no 2 have really been the same so far. This is GREAT! This beats “go farm X” style. And I am very interested what else is in store.

(While you are killing X rats in your mmorpg, I am transformed in a pumpkin to stop an evil wizard from pumpkin abuse. He actually beats the pumpkins with his cane, and uses a demonic ritual to transform them and take ou their brains...it is an odd game that although seems child like, has some funny twisted stuff going on)

(Related quest reward is related ;p)

The progression is not to fast either, but not to slow. I have moved about 2 map zones so far and each one is deeply tied to its story and NPCs creating something that most mmorpgs lack: IMERSION! MMM that delicious feeling of “being a part of the game world”. To enhance this the side quests are tied to regions as well. They have youdo some more digging into the regions lore and daily quests are tied to the area you are in as well. You will be delivering chocolats to a random NPC,so you will have to know what NPC is where. Others have you make fireworks, and rewards are always amazing! I can not think of a bad point on this. Most mobs they ask to kill are 10 at the most. Perhaps my complain can be the simplicity of some of the quests, but the over all progression rate + easily killed mobs = you pay more attention to the story and what is going on.

(This game has instanced story modes, and they are very diverse. I will be in old ruines, ancient mines, or open nature. You never know and it has not been repetitive so far!)

There are also a double jump, slam, and flying jump (that move faster than your mount) but so far the map/terrain/land has NEVER challeneged me to use these features. That would be nice to give us more physical challenges instead of auto run up and easily kill mobs.
There are also Board Quests. Listed as “glory” quests, these are quests given by “talking” to the quest board in the local village. These are amazing! They are the same “instance story mode” style quest and they are rarely the same! I am either helping a dragon invasion, killing as many dragons as possible. Or I am an invited fighter with a group of giant bird like warriors, or I am disguised as a pirate, sneaking password information to get to a boss that throws bombs and I have to think how to get him to walk in his own bomb path…That is what I like about this game: Both daily quests and board quests make you read and think how to accomplish your task, not just auto walk and kill like some of the main quests and the experience of the first 10 levels of this game. THE QUESTING DOES GET BETTER after level 10ish, so hang in there.

(With friends like these...Who needs other players XD)

The graphics still lack a little customization. The only thing that has changed on me is my main weapon. I got 2 upgrades since level 15 and so my “harp” has changed. Also, I did not notice before but there is dual class building. You can go pure build, or mix classes for bonuses etc. More on that later in skills.

(Pyromaniac old lady quest... Yeah, it is that great!)

The dungeon finder works GREAT! In fact all the features are running smooth. To find a guild you open the guild recruit tab and apply! I love this system in mmorpgs, makes socializing so much more stream lined. Everytime I chat in zone, there is a response and help. When I queue up for a dungeon, a response in under 10 min. I might not get a full group, but I get enough. There are some imperfections, when I try to see the list of dungeons to set up a group for, the menu is to small and to scroll down, the speed is too fast so it skips and is a hard to use interface. Little rough edges like that show there is still work to be done, but nothing game breaking.

(3D NPC interaction here and ....)

(Animated text box...Adds a little more imersion to the game because the NPC's can be more expressive. Something i am liking after so many stale stiff NPC's in other games)

Combat and Skills:

In my last review I said combat was too easy and boss fights odd. It still holds true. In fact, sometimes I can just sit there and let my pet “Edilon” fight for me..he is usually slower than me, but it is a bit easy. Most bosses or monsters of “challenge” usually just have higher HP so I have to just spam a little longer. However, as a healer, I did do some group content that require I pay attention and help our group fighters with heals ever so often. The skills seem very “combo” like and animations are great. I especially like the distance of my ranged attacks (although the game world is a bit cramped so “distance” attacks really do not matter so far). I guess my complaint is that you have so many kinds of interlinking and working spells that have secondary effects etc…and your enemy is a simple challenge-less mob. This makes me think there is a more “PvP” aspect of the game?

(Great daily quest to interact with. Dig dirt, plant seed, water it, harvest it. Get rewards.)

You can dual class! And I have the choice of Bard/archer – Bard/wizard – etc etc..I am not sure what I will be going with, I am also not sure what level I can dual class yet.

The pet system is great! It is easy to use, and helps in combat. You can send them in meditation to get rewards, and a lot of quests give rewards that go towards self or pets. So far I do not feel overwhelmed managing this pet. Some games, I ignore 100% the pet since it is obvious pay grab or annoying complex system for not much pay out, or useless until end game. In Aura Kingdom, they are a nice touch from the start to end. My only complain is that sometimes they want to “talk to you” and pop up in the UI at odd times…

The skills are more in depth that I once noticed. Everylevel up you are free to distribute stat points in to different stats: “Str – Vit – etc.” I like this freedom because that + the dual class set up means you can create some unique and different classes. In addition there is a spell focus tab, that allows you to put certain passive spells in use that will help define and change your build.

(Scythe wielding class)

And in addition to all this there is a “destiny” or “Adventure path” skill set. Basically a board with skills all around and you start to forge out unlocking tiles side by side of bonus passives and new skill unlocks. I have started building out and left to get more heal spells, and right and up to get defense and chance to avoid debuff skill. It is just another “build your unique” character feature.
Again, the only negative point to this is that…so far, up to level 30, this doesn’t mean a lot when most mobs are easy whack a mole challenge-less kills. Again, this could very well come into play in a PvP focus later, or in harder dungeons I have yet to explore (and there seem to be A LOT! Including “hell” modes…)

(Our gnomes build robots...)


Aura Kingdom. One of those games that has a simple presentation and a child like cheap “introduction” / presentation. But if you hang in past the first 10 to 15 levels like I have, you discover that it has some deep, polished, and fun game systems. The story opens up and finally, a game that uses instanced story modes SMARTLY and ENTERTAININGLY well. It is not epic story telling yet, it is not ground breaking systems. But it sure has a good base than most dime a dozen mmorpgs out there, and for a F2P title, it is very well welcome.

The customization could be more generous, but what I have works. The graphics and environment is very well done and “bright” and detailed. The music is standard, but over all it is a world, mostly based on the story and progression rate, that I want to fully explore! Not to big enough to waste dull time crossing un used mmorpg space, and not to small to feel exceptionally linear. Although it is being pushed in a linear direction, the side tracks, sub quests, board quests in instanced zones add a huge immersion and entertaining value to this kind of design.

(The UI can get annoying and cluttery)

Community has been nice, and seems balanced out now.

The cash shop, I will explore in the next review. But so far, I have been rewarded with all I ever need by playing, including 3 free bags.

The bad …is not standing out as much. I complained that the NPC’s were just design and not intractable. True, but to make up for this, there is a daily quest to plant and harvest vegetables that is very interactive with the terrain and npc.

(Some things still not fully functioning / translated...when I Say some things, I mean A LOT of things)

There are still some UI design rough edges. They may never get fixed since the original game is a port from China (I believe), and they have restraints and restrictions fine tailoring the UI for us. But nothing is game breaking, and it is flows well. If I could predict any fear, it is that perhaps the progression will get slower and enemies more difficulty, but not in a “skill” way but in a “+ your armor” kind of way, falling on a grind.

(Possible P2W incoming...)

I am basing those fears on some prices that require huge amounts of farmable stuff to make. Then again, the market is active in the market chat. So maybe these things will be farmable with the guild in shorter time. Time will tell, until then, if your looking for a flashy, fun, and decent story filled mmorpg, check out Aura World from Aeria Games. A rare title that redeemed itself :

Score 3/5.

Generous, fun, has me hooked… See you next review levels 30 - ?

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