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Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my latest MMORPG review: Aura Kingdom, levels 40-50! We will b e looking into the dual class system and the wrapping up of half a world map along with dungeon experiences. Also there are several other surprise features to go over so let's get started!



It has been awhile! I stopped this game in my level 30-40 review. Why pick it up again? Because there is not much out there I holding my interest as I wait for a few key open beta's. So I vaguely remember a title that might be worth the look! Aura Kingdom also is on STEAM now. I installed it on STEAM since I had the STEAM launcher already on. However, it did not install the version I was previously using (FR) and it did not link my account with my sign in... I am sure there was a way to "set it up" right, but I just easily installed the Ignite client to run directly from Aeria games!


Graphics and interface: I usually am not an anime game graphics fan. But this game has more of a cell shade / anime look than a straight up "loli" look going for it. And despite the "everyone looks 12" age range of characters. We have some serious armor going on. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing and I always seemed to like the color pallet the developers of this game use.

The cut scenes and the dialog boxes are a treat for immersion. The UI has all the menu's grouped in logical position and nothing will make you feel lost. Even as things open up through level 50 and new skills and titles added, you know exactly where to go and always reminded if you have unspent points to use.

The bad is that sometimes the buttons are not logical, I often click on the something I did not want to or a window is transparent or closes to quickly that I end up clicking on the ground and my character moves.

The game play / Story Lore:

The game, despite it's "anime" cutesy look at times, is a "serious" story going on. There are poser struggles. The text in dialog boxes are LENGTHLY, and although some just serve as filler, others are pretty deep and engaging! The core PVE so far still rests in monster hunting though. However, the most I have ever beena sked to kill are 14, and rarely twice. The game sets you out in each map doing different activities. Let it be collecting plants, killing beasts, or sneaking into enemy terrirtory, there are DIVERSE things to do. You have disguise quests, escort quests, and occasionally they throw you surprise quests that use interesting mechanics!

 (Top to bottom: Regular spells with second class new spells. New special skills to focus on. Destiny progression to build out in. All this creates a unique class)
One thing I enjoy is the balance of progression. Some games OP their daily quests to the point of breaking leveling. I remember in Runes of magic, the daily quests gave out so much exp it was exploited with xp potions and "daily resets" in the cash shop to the point you literally could skip entire maps just by farming one spot for a week, then hopping into the higher level zone. This game avoids this by giving you the EXP edge in daily quests, and not increasing the exp until you reach a certain level cap, and even then you will want to finish main quests to get your free bag slots, mount, armor sets, etc... So play balanced, be rewarded.

(Assigned skill points. Building your class how you want. I currently am going high HP, DEF, and DMG bard/sorcerer/heal)

There are tons of extra side quests for events and crafting as well. To sum up: FUN, and ENTERTAINING! Even through level 50 I never felt "grindy", as I was constantly doing something new if something got "boring". Tired of dailies? Go back to the main quest. Tired of main quest. Go do some dungeons. And everything is VERY REWARDING. 

Although it is high fantasy-ish, Around level 50 you start to get "robot" quests, and start to notice higher up running around with giant robot pets with full machine guns attached. So they throw in Mechs in a high fantasy game... It some how works out, and over rides "steam punk" elements in this game. That and there is no Mana bar or consumption or any history of "magic" except the basic elemental attacks by sorcerers and demonolgy by Wizards so.... Some where in Aura Kingdom you have a magical energy that brings giant golumns to life, and advanced robo tech, all well wielding swords, shields and bows and arrows? That said, they do sort of add the "Tech sword" and "energy beam" look to these future weapons.... Aurakingdom is a really hightech sci fi world.... or the developpers just had all these resources in their dev kit and threw em in without thinking it through too much... you decide -.-

The bad: I wish there were more movie cut scenes, and a little more immersion in the field missions. There are things that need updated that still make no sense. For example there are these encounter instance dungeons that require you activate 3 stones to summon the boss. You can solo it, but they want you to bring 3 people, to "hack" this, you just bring 2 people, activate 2 stones, have one person zone out, then come back in to activate the 3rd and it works...Just get rid of that whole "activate crystal" thing...It has been this way since Closed Beta.

Combat and Skills:

Combat as a bard was slow and painful to start. But sticking with it, it speeds up. I believe it was around level 48 or 45 you get your sub class. Basically, you have the choice to sub in ANY OTHER SUB CLASS you want! And MAN the choice were hefty! Here is the list:

Guardian - Duelist - Ravager - Wizard - Sorcerer - Bard - Grenadier - Gunslinger - Brawler - Ranger - Ronin.

Each with their own special weapon. Each with their own special skills and complinetary sub.
So, what that means, for me as a BARD ( A harp playing support / healer class) I can now up my defense skills as a sub Guardian... Or pick upa  Scyth as a Ravager and DPS my self to victory! the combos are up to me. Most of these classes are great single target fighters. Since I am already a singel target fighter, I went for some AOE damage, so I picked up sorcerer! Now I have a Staff and a Hard!

Speaking of that, Duel classing means you get a second weapon. You equip it and that is it. It is automatically pulled out when you cast your new class spells (a new hot bar with your new class spells given). New armor pieces do not change your looks. New weapons change weapon look and new "costume" pieces change your over all appearance. THANKFULLY! This game is GENEROUS! I have over 4 FREE costumes up to level 50 so far, each one good looking. Each giving me the same state bonus, so all that is up to me is choose which one I think looks the best on me. You also get a free fashion storage slot in your bank to put these all in without crowding out your other goods. AGAIN! GENEROUS game!

In addition to new CLASS, you can also customize your class with assigning SKILL POINTS in Attack and Defense skills. You can build however you want making NO TWO CLASSES THE SAME. To go even FURTHER you have a Destiny skill board where you start to unlock passive stat boosts and or unlock new spells! The depth for creating a unique build is DEEP! Not daunting deep, but FUN deep, making leveling up a nice thing to look forward too.

Monsters telegraph SOME of their attacks, while you tab target...It is an odd system that does not make too much sense. But it works for what it is.

Pet and mount:

You get a free mount that gets upgraded to a faster version by level 50.
You also get 3 free combat pets or Eidolons. With this comes their specific leveling up. As of level 50, I have done nothing but preserve all my exp crystals to feed them and despite my neglect of my Eidolons, I have no problems in PvE. I know around end game I will start to need to show them love, but until then, they are good battle companions and an extra fun addition to the game.

The bad: I see a lot of people running around with NICE looking pets. I can only imagine these people face roll you in PvP (A feature I have not tested yet). There is also NO indication how to build my pet and I am not sure if holding off leveling my current pets because they will be replaced later by better once is a good move or if I should invest right now and level up early a pet as much as possible...I guess I could ask in the forums...

The Drama:

One day I was playing the game and accidently clicked into the "Trade" channel as I noticed someone say: "You are too old to paly this game" in chat (I thought it was my guild channel). I click in and say: "You are never too old".
Then I see: "Calm yourself and respect the rules of the channel". And I say: "I just chatting!" and I leave. Nothing more to say, I go on to mind my own *****. Then I get a message! "Second warning, calm yourself or leave to the appropriate channel"... I reply: "Be quiet, moron" and block the user and keep playing for about 3 hours and sign off and go to sleep. The next day, my account has a permanent INDEFINATE ban. WOAH!

(You can fly in this game like in Blade and Soul...well glide, but if you use it right you basically are flying around. It can be faster than your mount!)

I go to my email and sure enough it say reason for ban "Aggressive behavior" What? So, I sign in on my second Eden Eternal account, and got to the English channel (not the FR where I play) and ask if  a English GM can help out. The forum mods (identified with red circles around their tags) start asking me how the ticket was read, so I copy and paste it. They admit I should not be banned...But they need more info. Then one moderator troll says: "You know it is against ToS to post your ticket in Forums. And I think you are lying and just want attention".... So I ignore this persont aht is against my case and AS SOON as that happens, the GM that banned me in FR, starts sending me Inbox messages on the English side, (he spoke OK English). He starts to "explain" why I was banned. And gave me a photo... He was lying and WRONG. And the photo was proof how dillusional he was. I used this photo, and the Forum log (I got banned soon after from general Forum posts on second account). And I thankfully sent it all in a TIcket to the real GM's. They REACTIVATED MY ACCOUNT! Told me I need to be careful and although they did not admit it officialy...It is just huge proof the ingame moderators ABUSE their power!

Also, even if it is against ToS to post tickets on the forum...THEY ENTERTAINED IT and I GOT FAST FEEDBACK! FASTER than a ticket! WOW! Hypocrites!

Imagine if I did not fight. Imagine if I was tired or did not know how or just thought it was not worth it...(I was so depressed I almost just ignored it all). I would have lost a 5year old account, with not just Aura Kingdom on it, but other games from Aeria with leveled up characters....all gone because a game mod got butt hurt! OUCH! I have actually heard of this before by other players. So I recommend you be VERY VERY careful, and I also learned, it is against the rules to BLACK LIST an in game moderator! LOL! So they can harass you and you can not block them.

But I regress. My account is restored, and I still recommend this title!

 (Lot's of free bank space and fashion!)


Level 40 -50 score based on Good fun, decent progression, and all around decent mmorpg: 4/5 !

Check back later! I will post the next review levels 50 -60 to see if this score, raises, drops, or stays the same!



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