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Hello all mmosite readers and welcome to my Elwsord evolving review levels 20 – 30. Last time I took us through the first 20 levels to see what the game had to offer. This time I will be going into more detail on several points I did not cover. This will include the skill, cash shop, and progression. In the end we will give the game a new score based on the new progress I have made. Will the game gain a point? Lose a point? Or stay the same? Read on to find out!


Just a brief introduction to bring us back into the swing of things. A few major things changed since my last review. The largest being that my time trialed items wore off by now. They included costume pieces and event items. I can tell you the game opened up visually now! You see, when I Started level 1, I had this full high tech looking suit that never changed no matter what clothes and armor pieces I put on. That lead me to believe there is no customization in this game. I was wrong! There is customization in this game. Now that my fashion armor has expired, I am down to my standard armor that I pick up off mobs, quest rewards, etc. And I can tell you: EVERY PIECE CHANGES THE LOOK! WOO HOO! This is something I love! I love when you have choice pieces and different looking armor to swap out and put on. Although you can run into some surprises and get some pretty odd clothing combos. I recently found out the real look of my cannon is a large purple tube, vs. my old large white robot looking launcher. This opens up lots of potential in the crafting and drop department. I am currently working on crafting some upgrades, but I will not go over crafting in this review. So just keep that in mind from last review: There is a big customization and fashion ability in this game that changes with each drop.

(Lots to do and see!)

Game play:

Things have been generally the same at the core. Go from village to village and gather quests, and go forth to kill. One thing I noticed is that I am not just pushing on and on. I return often to pick up all general available quests until a village runs out (and the quest turns into a repeat or daily). This way I feel fully accomplished before going out. If I push out early and ignore the small quests, If I push out early and start collecting all the other quests in the other areas of the map it becomes harder for me to manage because I start questions where I was in the other map! I also personally like the lore, character design, and the “immersion” each little city gives. It is not over the top emotional depth script writing, but it holds it’s own charm in its simplicity and feel of surrounding areas.
I am noticing the dungeons are getting more challenging solo, and occasionally in groups (some groups getting down to the 50% HP mark). I do keep potions hot barred and I am using more of my consumable attacks like “summon henchmen for limited time” and “throw down arrow” and other damage boosts on harder mobs to get past. I never felt overwhelmed or that something was impossible.

(My costume wore off, but the new look changes with each piece I collect! Nice!)

In the open field battles (the space you travel between villages). The design just gets better and better with forks in road, 3D models of the map that show the town in the background you were in (immersion), and logical mobs (lizard men in the desert, and enemies that follow the lore).
I have not at all tested PvP, but do not worry, I will be testing pvP and crafting next review.

The world map is large and there are a lot of places to visit. Take a look at this map. Note that each village area opens up around 4 dungeons to explore. So far I have opened up about 4 tabs, that is 4x4 = 16 dungeons I have been playing around in up to level 30. I have not even gone into the latest ones I have unlocked yet (I have been farming older ones for items to give to older quests). And they are fun! Air ships, dragon caves, etc. The bosses are interesting. If I could give one critic it is that some of the art is a little TOO cartoony and takes the “epic” edge out of it. But it seems to be getting more serious as I go on.

The “on the go” turning in of quests in the field still feels silly, and I wish they would fix it so we talk to the NPC at the NPC village.

(Teleporting on the go. It costs a small fee, but it beats walking)


I took some time to get into the skills. I am following a guide and have my PvE build picked out. This means I am strictly investing points only in certain points along the tree. There are only 2 locked skill spots out of all the skills. You can purchase the unlock right away in the cash shop, or you can do the quest line to get it. I already unlocked the quest line for my “skill notebook” and class upgrades…(both cash shop items), so everything in the cash shop that is “vital” is earnable thorough just playing.

There is, in your inventory, the notebook that you unlock. In it is a list of skills that compliment your normal skills. For example: You unlock “Sonic Punch”. In this book you will find “Flash knuckles”, which “Adds 10% damage to Sonic Punch”. So a sort of passive skill set. There are two slots with other slots to unlock (not sure if that comes with leveling up or buying unlock slots). One thing I am not sure of as of this writing is if these skills are unlockable in the regular game play. As of now, they seem cash only. This does not make the game impossible to play, but will give a slight power edge to those that purchase it. It is very likely these items are in the auction house for in game currency as well. I will verify all this next review, but rest assure, I see nothing that will endanger anything PvE wise. And since this game is about combos and action combat, if you go up against a cashed PVPer, and he lacks skill, you can still take him out. Nothing was a “god” purchase in the cash shop.

(Only 2 skills "locked" until you do the quest or cough up cash. Play game, progress. Feel lazy. Pay)

The only thing that irked me was that, before my first job change, I had a helpful on screen guide show me my combos “Down down A B” for example. Now, I see nothing. You can reference the in game guide located in the skills tab, but other than that, you have to get lucky or be good at memorizing it. I memorized all my important combos, it plays out naturally as a matter of fact, but when I take long breaks, I tend to lose my edge. Have to get back into it. But just a very small point and not at all relevant if this is a game you play casually.


The heart of this article. This is what I have been wanting to get out there. Straight off the bat: the cash shop is legit. Nothing screamed “OP items for sale”. All the fashion gives is slight stat modifications and a new look. The stats you can pick up on crafted items if you want to match the boosts in game without cash. The look, you have to really love to buy it. The in game loot looks sometimes are better…a lot of the items are over the top just silly… like a strawberry cannon… Although I found an awesome looking cannon skin I would like to have….
The rest of the items are pure utility. Enhancement protection, skill resets, etc. In fact, I did not even notice potions! Those are all crafted in game....

Check it out:

The costumes. Optional. But let's say you skip out on a package deal and want just one piece? Here are the prices. Lets say you want a full set piece by piece. The "hot items" to the left as an example: that is a total of 1,305 K or 15 dollar purchase. FOR 30 DAYS! IT is a sneaky little trap, you will notice (below) that it is in the stats menu "30 days 450 K" the regular price is double. So double the ammount if you want a permanant set.

Sneaky deal, be careful! Understand 30 day and full purchase. They only show the 30 day prices on the cash menu display.

Ahh the accessories. Again, stat bonus and looks. This can get really out of hand. Just look at me. Pirate rifle on the back, pirate pistol on the hip and a cat on the head...ahhh yes... welcome to nonesense cash shopping. Although the stats are not bad...you can also buy in game accessories from vendors. And Auction house. Again these will run you around the sam price as costume pieces. WE are already near 100 dollars if you pluck out costume pieces and accessories.

Usables or Utility as it is called in other games. Are basic protections in crafting and enhancing etc. This is also where you get your passive skill enhancements for the notebook I mentioned. Only 150 K for the skills so the 5 dollar purchase is now to bad if you are in the donating mood.

Summons or mounts are pets that require hatching and leveling up. They offer passive stats as well. I have a free one for the Brazil World Championship event that passed. But these are top. The mounts give no stats, they are only mounts. The pets give stats. And since, as you can see, there are not to many, these are the "luxury" items of the game and will cost a lot. Personally, I never see any one with mounts in game... pets, sometimes, mounts, meh. And total fluff. Why use a mount when we get where need easilly...

Special items include inventory and membership benefits. Going silver gives you lines of credit and inventory space apparently. Inventory is tight. YOu have to manage it well. If you are a pack rat and want to horde tons of goodies, for whatever reason, this might interest you and runs about 5 to 10 dollars. I would think a comfortable about of space will be 20 to 30 dollar purchase however.

Last but not least, the package deals. All of these are a minimum of 15 dollars. And I think you have to double that to get permanant. You save in K a little bit, but you are spending the same amount of real money as if you purchased it piece by piece. That is another little trap. Let me explain:
Piece by piece: 130 + 300 + etc.. = 1 300 K total. Since Real cash is 500K for 5 dollars and 1000K for 10 dollars, You need at least 15 dollars for a total of 1,500K - your purchase of 1, 300K = You have a K balance of 200 (But you spent 15 dollars).
As a package you have 1,195K. AGAIN, you have 2 choices in cash: 5 dollars + 10 dollars for 1,500K or 20 dollars for 2,000K....
So lets say you go low and get the 15 dollar 1,500K - 1,195K = 305K balance! So you have saved 105K! but, you have still spent 15 REAL DOLLARS! (and this is probably rental price...not perm. Double it for 35 to 40 dollars).
Now see what you can spend with 200K... Expansion packs...A silver membership...not much.

So, you throw down around 50 bucks, get a full permanant costume and 8 slots opened up and used up all the K.

Now, that does not include those yummy accessories...Another 50 for all 4 permanant. Now you have spent 100 dollars, but way...you are leveling up and your in game armor needs refined and get +10! but breaks and gets stat loss at +6...Time to invest in protection stones of about 950K! For 4 pieces of armor! That is going to get you invested well into the Thousands of dollars...but again, as far as I know, this is not needed to play all the game has to offer. And again, how much this turns the tables in PvP, I am not sure. In general, I do not play these games for pvp...so. There you have it. The daunting cash shop.


The game is fun so far. I play casually, and logging in after a long day of other activities, this game is refreshing! I let out frustration in simple slamming down combos at bad guys. FAst group making makes this game enjoyable on the dungeon aspect. In other dungeon games, like Dragons nest...I am forever alone... This game has the group making done right!
On the other hand, the socializing is so minimal I forget I am even in a guild. Other players are generally nice once you start to talk, but the in game PVE is so fast paced no one has time to chat. The best place to chat is in town. This requires more player end to take the initiative and start up conversation. A sort of hit or miss system, and I wish they had more of a feature to chat to each other in the group making process.
The cash shop is daunting. I am not sure how big of a role it has on PvE. But so far quests are the way around most items, and crafting can give you great pieces for just playing the game. I have not covered questing. But will be doing so in the next review.
I can honostly say this game is a delight to progress in! I can not say the experience has been a perfect one. Especially with silly on the go quest turn ins. But my experience has not fallen short since last time either. For that, I keep the score at 4/5! A great side scrolling 3D anime game!
Check out my next review and we will see if level 40 makes this score drop...remain the same...or raise to the perfect beat em up combo anime game!

I plan to do live stream Elsword sessions. If you want to watch and donate to my cause and learn a little bit more about me. Please check out my twitch.tv site and scroll down on the profil to read up! Thank you all my dedicated fans!

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